Understanding LiPos

I try to understand how much range I can get out of LiPos compared with LiIon cells. Let’s say like this I have one LiIon battery 3000mah and a 1s LiPo pack 3000mah. The LiIon I can drain safe till 3-2,8V without problems. The lipo pack I shouldn’t go under 3,5V before battery cut off. Does it mean that I get less energy out of the lipo? Or is the voltage decrease on the lipo slower, which would mean the time till battery cut off will be the same, same energy out of the cell/pack and with it the same range?

The Lipo just has another discharge curve than a 18650. If you have both as a 3000 mah cell, both store the same energy. Lipo is using most of that in the 3,8-3,7V range and stays there much longer. 18650 is more constant and drops voltage lower.


Thx, that’s all I wanted to hear😅

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