Undervolting a BLDC motor and its effects on Torque and Current


I would like to start by saying I am not building a skateboard, but rather a robot drive. I have been looking for information regarding VESCs and BLDC motors and this forum has helped me a lot so I thought I would post my doubt over here. It would really help me a lot because I can’t find a clear answer to this.

What is the effect of undervolting BLDC motors on its RPM, Torque, Current?

I currently own some ODrive 6374 48V 150KV 3.86NM 70A motors that I plan to use for my project driven by VESC. But due to some constraints that are out of my control I can only use 24V as my power supply.

So I wanted to ask how this would affect the Torque and Current of the motor? What kind of performance can I expect? Can this create issues of any sort?

My only current understanding is that the Max RPM would reduce by half.