Uneven pulley and belt question (with pics)

First pic is with the smaller pulley flush against the motor mount. The belt is uneven on the larger pulley and hangs over a little bit. This seems unsafe.

Second pic is after I pulled the small pulley away from the motor mount about 1/4”

It lets the belt line up evenly on both pulleys.

My question is should I put a 1/4” spacer in the gap between the small pulley and motor mount or just let it be?

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It’s uneveness could be due to various things. Re-check alignment of pullies, washers etc and make sure things are locked down and don’t move. Observe the position of the belts…check if there is movement between rides. Nothing should change from ride to ride. Mis Aligned belts lead to pre mature wear and added heat to the belt over time. You may even sense an odd vibration or sound at various speeds. The strighter the shit is the better essentially

Move the motor pulley. The pulley is too close to the side plate BPUQvYj