Unexpected lower top speed and vx1 weak signal

I built my first diy and everything seems fine and runs well except getting my top speed and my remote connection. My setup is 10s, 190kv, tb110s, and 2.21 ratio. I used esk8 calculator and 3d servisas calculator and both say i should get about 40mph unloaded and 34mph loaded. I tested my board and i do get 40 unloaded but problem is when i ride i can only get up to 26 (about 190 lb with all gear on).i assumed it was just plug and play for speed but im really wondering why i cant get my extra 8mph of speed. As for my remote, it keeps say weak connection with the light blinking on my vx1. I even put it a couple inches away and still says weak connection. When im home tho, it says good connection with a solid light. I might just set everything to default by running detection and setting up the remote again to see if it changes anything but i really can’t figure out what’s causing these problems or how to fix it. And help would be appreciated thx.

Share some photos of your electronics installation.

also, what battery do you have?

Is this a VESC based build?

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My receiver is taped outside the box for best connection or so i thought. My battery is a 10s battery from metroboard. It has a pretty low output of 30a but i wasnt sure its thats whats causing the speed limit. And yes its a vesc based build. I dont have pics of the battery cuz my enclosure is messed up and pain in the ass to deal with but its just battery connected to a xt60 extension and the charge port and battery switch is in there.