Unicorn Board | Rindenholzbrett | 107mm Abec11 Electric Flywheels | Space Cell Pro 3 | 2x R-Specs

Another Fun-Build for upcomming Halloween-Ride. It’s not finished yet, I’m waiting for Enertion-parts to arrive, need to push this board for now.


Piece of hard wood, 3cm thick no flex, Evolve for scale

the ‘head’ and big ass wheels

Very hard to fit the SpaceCell, I’ve to modify it and put the motors behind the truck. Tracker Dart 215mm to fit the big wheels and 2 r-sprecs.

the tail from unicorn hair clipper. I’ve to be carefull, the tail may get caught in the motors.

nice griptape

different head because the old one was out of battery, but the new one makes stupid horse noises.

I filled the gaps in the griptape with glitter nail polish

Making-Of Video

Enjoy :smile:


My favorite board so far