Unikboards Carbon "Copy" Single Drive 190KV 10s3p

For a while I’ve been trying to get my main board up and running without issues, there was always something that broke the enclosures were horrible the clearance was bad so on.

So no I decided to ditch the Vanguard decks, and go over to a smaller but “easier” platform.

My new build will be the following:

Motor: Eskating.eu 190KV 6374 3500W Mount: Torqueboards (Repainted and “Fixed” so it works well) Vesc: ESK8.DE 4.12 (I Have 2 Focboxes on their way and an older 4.12 TB Vesc so might end up using one of them instead) Battery: Custom made 10s3p Samsung 30Q 9AH 60Amp pack. Pulley: Torqueboards 13/36 (Will be upgrading to 16/36)

Trucks: Caliber II Raw with black baseplates. Wheels: Orangatang Kegels 80A Deck: Unikboards Carbon 29" incl seal and enclosures.

With that ill be using either Firefly remote or the winning 2.4 and metr for Bluetooth.

So far it seems like im going to get a really great board made, room for upgrades down the road anti spark switch and such will be added later next month as well and i might go dual motors and swap the motor out for a smaller 190KV.

Any feedback / Input?

Will be updating this post once I start to get parts, I currently have what I have in the picture.