Unikboards group buy - trampa mounts/angled risers/mbs matrix pro mounts

hey - a quick update - happy easter folks. Great to see a lot of interest ! I’m gonna launch the final prototypes today. So I expect to have them in maximum 10 days. One I got the final parts, I will take photos and make a group buy as we did for the SMART SERIES, in quality, time, cost. Just simple, I could do a group buy now with the prototypes but if there’s one thing I hate in the DIY scene is people that overcommit and then give unbalanced promises … and it’s starting to be the normality to give money to companies (even hobbyist ones) and have the end user wait forever ever and always for good reasons. I always say what I have to say, and not what most of the people want to hear; which make a big difference. Of course, the first option would be easier for me, as I would be using the customer funds to make my business; but I will never go this route.

@Jebe : The Trampa motors mounts are for Trampa spring trucks (Infinity, Vertigo, Ultimate). The pulleys will work for for Trampa superstar hubs (this also apply to the CORE pulley). The MBS mounts are for Matrix MBS II trucks (covers MBS 2 PRO trucks too as this is the same hanger)

The 35° risers are different for Matrix and Trampa Trucks (baseplate is different), so I’m going to pay > 300 euros just to validate that the MBS riser is perfect before going to “mass production”.

In any case, with the stuff; everyone will be able to choose to go the Mountainboard way on a Trampa or MBS deck… or use risers to put Mountainboard trucks on his longboard. Lots of options and portability here and there.

A quick video and shots of my yesterday’s ride !

and of last friday’s ride in PARIS


a quick update - I’ve just launched the prototypes production. It’s basically a set of each part. I should have everything within 10 days. Once I got the parts, I will publish the same day the photos, and launch a group buy on each part on cost, time and quality. Basically anyone will be able to order anything. I will then launch the production and you’ll get your parts shipped from Paris with love ! Sounds like a plan !


a quick update, I should be getting the prototypes early next week; so I’m on schedule. Can’t wait !


hey - as usual a quick update. Parts are on their way - I will be getting them in the next days. Can’t wait !

the board is still performing flawlessly and it’s really a beast to ride.


Saturday’s update. I should be getting all the parts by Tuesday as Monday is bank holiday in France.

The products have been added to the shop in background so all the preparation to make this clean and lean is almost done. Keep you posted !


Monday’s update. Parts will be delivered… tomorrow ! I will keep you posted with photos of course.


Tuesday’s update - My planning was actually OK. The parts are really good in terms of quality. I’m now going to assemble this to Trampa / Matrix trucks and will post photos tomorrow with the prices. I’m still negotiating to get the best price.

Once the prices are published, you can take your time to see what you need and then join the orders that will be opened by saturday evening. Why ? because as always, I will then ride with them to ensure they are perfect. I know I could do that right now, but I really want to ensure I’m not selling promises but real / tested stuff.

I’m pretty sure everything will go as planned, maybe I’m taking too much precautions but well, that’s my motto !

Please all post in this thread (avoid PM - seems some people cannot post here for some reasons so PM is OK for them) as this will start to get too complicated ! Let’s use this thread for transparency and sharing!


a quick and dirty one to show you how this goes. I’m not going to surprise anyone but Trampa has been and is really top notch quality. If I compare a Trampa Infinity to the MBS truck close to it… there will be no competition. Trampa quality feels so much superior.


friday’s update ! Some photos, descriptions, prices are starting to be available on the site. I’ll continue at the end of the day as it takes a lot of time if you want to make it correctly.


If people want, we can also arrange different bundles, but we kept it simple.

sunday’s update. Few modifications have been made to the website with some additional description to keep it lean and products almost integrated with target prices if we reach the objectives. More flexibility has been added for people that want free choice and not stick to one single bundle. I’m just missing the 35° riser photo for the Trampa trucks (which is actually on my board), so I may ended up by putting some live photos on it installed on the deck.

if we don’t make the objective, we will give back the money as this is nothing hugely commercial but more a group initiative. So please use PayPal to ensure that this is done correctly.

Hey - The group buy is finally opened. You can shop to order/reserve your parts online.


just back from a quick ride ! I had to rebuild my good old Holypro for this but works perfectly.

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That’s my MBS Matrix Pro 2 mount with the 66T 15mm wheel pulley.

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Nice battery pack! Do you have specs for it? At that size it wouldnt be hard to carry 2 spare packs in backpack or something and not install them on the board!

yeah - 12S 4AH 150C :slight_smile:

the parts are performing awesomely. I had the opportunity to ride them also this morning on my AT deck. Really happy with the results. Gets yours - I will ship them worldwide; you just have to order them on the website http://www.unikboards.com


Nah im good but thanks for showing the ‘concept’. Battery does look pretty good… I estimate a range of about 10km is possible with it and off-road (AT) tires?

So after 10km, you can just swap in the next one… is the replacement procedure easy to do?

yeah; that’s really a quick 2 hours maximum DIY full blown build. I did it so I can test my latests mounts and report back. Today I was riding on the Formula E track in Paris so I didn’t want to mess up my AT beast build. I’m going to film more with these new mounts and pulleys.


that’s the quick ride with the parts - got like 3 minutes of rush so apologize for the short edit :slight_smile:

hey guys, are people that included their name in the XLS still interested into this? Just need to plan ahead.