Unikboards - New DIY Vendor France

A new DIY provider out of France?




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Not that new. I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing as estate.fr

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yea its by okp…whitepony mentioned it in his spud build.


the one piece mount looks different, a very pricey complete spud tho!

Oh now I see the link buried by all of @whitepony’s words lol


Saturday i will test Unikboard single motor on their Paris event,

Une vidéo publiée par Unikboards (@unikboards) le 21 Sept. 2016 à 9h28 PDT

I received my order mount yesterday but I have not tested yet

I could make a feedback !

hello, how is unikboards mount ?

check the website of unikboards ! :slight_smile:

he asked for your opinion and review - not what the website says.

Yeahhh what do you think ab that mount?

Website is nice ! :+1: Thx Dual mount look amazing

hey fam ! I’m reworking different things and it’s always good time for discounts !




thanks for this :slight_smile: ordered

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I worked on that early 2018 but didn’t manage to produce them because of time. If any interest, I may look at it again !

Please let me re introduce you my monobloc … rims… gunmetal AL7075 my style :slight_smile:



Those are dope.

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Hey mate ! Just saw your message. Unfortunately I’m no more supporting UNiK. I’ve work so hard for years and given so much of mine time and money; but having the wrong partner is never a good choice, but sometimes even when you help people to grow… it may take time or they will just never get it.

I’ve sent an email to Ben to ask him to report back to you as soon as possible (he is handling this or at least, this is the only thing he has to do). This is obviously not acceptable and totally against the way I see user experience, commitment and delivery.

Let me know if this is not sorted out quickly with him.


@okp sorry to hear man :sob:

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ehhe it’s all good. ESK8 is a hobby to me but one thing get me nuts, is over commitment and under delivery.


He keeps telling me it has been sent or that he will go to the post office today to get an update ( even though I believe they are closed at this time…meanwhile all i see on my side is thisScreenshot_20190531-134119

Also this is an order from the 26th of may.

mmm. which email are you using to communicate with him? Did you use the [email protected] email? can you send me full email exchange to the email above. I’ll take care about it.

I’ll see the emails, but you need to know that 27 of may is bank holiday in France, so his only option was either to ship it Friday, or Saturday, or Today.