UniqueEGo | Dual Diag 160KV | 10S | VESC4

Hey guys, figured I’d start detailing my first complete DIY build. Components Deck: Yuneec E-Go 2 Blue/Black, 12mm, eight layered composite wood, Canadian Maple Trucks: Caliber II 50° Wheels: 100mm MBS

Motor: 6374 190kv Sealed from https://buildkitboards.com/collections/parts/products/6374-190kv-motor?variant=30211207493 Mount: Carbon Fiber arm + C2 clamp from https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/motor-mount-for-caliber-ii-trucks-enertion-clones-aluminum-clamp-carbon-fiber-arm/30286 Gears: 15/36 15mm kit from https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/15mm-wide-pulley-kits-and-individual-parts-wheel-pulley-motor-pulley-belts-and-hardware/27184 Battery: Swappable 7S3P for range and 10S2P for speed, Panasonic 18650PF cells (using stock E-Go2 battery housing) Remote: Nano-X ESC: VESC 4.12 with directfets for now and vesc6 shortly Universal DIY AC&DC CCCV Charger:


7s3p vs 10s2p will get you similar range, better to just stick with 10s2p so you don’t have to change VESC settings. What’s the point of going to a Vesc 6 if you’re already going to have 4.12’s?


FOC without worry :slight_smile: I also might be able to fit 12S2P in the same housing :wink: The 4.12s will eventually go to a couple extra ego2 motors i have once this board is done and I get the 6 I wanna try to make a dual wheel ego2 motor board after this one(diagonal dual) :yum:

That charger is awesome! Did you build that yourself or just mod one? Can I ask how much it cost you? I’d like to do something like that myself.

I’m more interested in why E-Go used 18650 PFcells rated at 10 amps.

It’s really simple to make, inside is a 42v 2A DC supply (upgraded currently to 5A), and the display is a UCTRONICS Numerical Control DC 6-55V to 0-50V 5A Step Down Stabilized Power Supply Constant Voltage Current Buck Power Converter Power Supply Adjustable Module https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LWXAC5E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_sC-KzbRFPQRYZ I have it wired to also accept a straight DC input and voltmeter on input and output. One caveat, make sure to use a DC supply with an adjustable voltage pot,you need to bump up 42 to 45ish for the step down to provide 42 for instance, doesn’t matter if you just use a 48v supply for instance.


For the range and high cycle life, stock ego ESC is 15A limited

Awesome, thanks for the info! Do you have a link to the 42V 5A DC supply? Also, what are the chips on the lid?

42v5a http://www.ebay.com/itm/42V-5A-FAST-Charger-For-36V-Li-Ion-Electric-Bike-Bicycle-Ebike-Batteries-/263060085203 The PCB is the back of the voltmeter :yum:

I am also working on an EGO 1. I was thinking of changing the enclosure to put a bigger battery but finally I can see with yours it is probably easier to re-use the original enclosure. I’ll sacrifice the range a bit. Did you manage to fit the VESC in the original ESC enclosure? It is very tight.

The standard fet vesc, not really, but the latest version of the directfet 4.12 vesc ive seen pics of very likely should. You should enjoy this pic(though I don’t recommend the focbox, any vesc4 will suit it fine in bldc)

Personally I find the ego motor and belt cover durability simply unmatched

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I see you kept the unusual connection to the motor. Did you keep the Yuneec motor as well? I thought I had read it was difficult to re-use it with another VESC, maybe I’m wrong. I intended to use a new 53XX motor to fit in the motor holder and cover. I believe it is just the electronics that stopped working, motor should be ok, I may do a small enclosure in ABS for the VESC.

Stock motor and and yeah I pulled the connector off an extra stock ESC, soldered male MT60 and jst to sensor leads, works in FOC sensored, but bldc is recommended if you don’t want to keep fixing your vesc. Im 175lbs, I get 16-17mph,stock motor and battery with vesc with stock settings other than motor detection and batt max 28 min -12. Also your stock esc is very likely fixable if you’re interested.

29T from boardbumpers finally shipped :smiley:

I’m curious, why don’t I see people using the MT60 connector for phase wire connection?


Hey scepterr nice setup man! Did you remove the motor cover and cooler? If yes how is it driving in rain?

@AyoJay covers are all on there

Just got motor in :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: thanks @JLabs

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Alright, do you know if the motor is working in the rain or on wet streets ?

The ego2 motor I’ve abused plenty in the rain without issue. Just make sure to properly drain it when you get home :wink:

Thanks m8! Really appreciate your help!