Unity arrived, time for First Build! Seeking advice on Deck lengths & enclosures

Hi howdy.

First post, first build, long-time lurker (literally years, off and on). Grew up tooling around on a carveboard surfstik (great board). I bike to work in Boston, and am looking to build a reliable fun commuter board for warm weather. Basically saw @egzplicit 's Jet Invasion build I thought yes please. So!

The goodies so far: 55912253_279458379615562_3928100093042884608_n I picked up a bunch of evolve parts (trucks, wheels, belts, motor plates) on the cheap ($200 total) when I was doing a gig in Australia. Unity ($300) just came today. De-branded chineseium remote ($30). Racerstar 140kv motors & pulleys (~$50 ea). Likely to upgrade the hangers to those elofty boys once there’s a bit more knowledge about them.

Would appreciate some advice on decks and enclosures. So below is an image of various decks compared to an Evolve Bamboo GT. I want a more compact board than 38", but still something that can handle AT wheels and my 6’1" 180lb self. From left to right - Bustin Sportster 35.5", Rayne Reaper 36", Bamboo GT 38", and Restless Mantis 33". All are aligned to the truck mount holes. Any thoughts, advice?


On enclosures: the Bamboo GT has a 10s4p+Unity modeled on it, surrounded by the 405 enclosure from @psychotiller. It will definitely fit. However! The deck to the left, the Reaper 36", has a 10s4p+Unity surrounded by the Knuckles enclosure. It looks like it could fit. Maybe. Has anyone tried cramming a 10s4p+Unity in one of them? If it does fit, that would make a greater variety of decks viable.

Glad to be here!


I’ve recently built a lacroix and don’t care for it. I have a gtx and I have taken the inclosure off and test fitted a 10s4p with the unity and 10s Bms. It fits but the cells are a little to tall, you will need a small rubber spacer of some sort to make enough room.
I’m pulling the unity out of the lacroix and building what you are doing. I just can’t make up my mind on which deck.