Unity broke in warranty, but no enertion mail reply

I have two unity’s and one broke after 48 days, send enertion a mail for warranty and after 4 emails in two weeks still no response…the warranty is over now (around 70 days old now) but i send the email after 50 days (60 days warranty)…

Do anybody knows how to claim a new one and where to send it to for the warranty?


you’ll be lucky to get a new one as enertion’s customer support is basicly none existing. if you can, request a charge back through your bank. if you can’t do that, good luck

you might be able to get it repaired, but that’s a question for the other forum (link in my bio)

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it’s really unbelievable…60 days warranty is already to short but no warranty is unacceptable…


yeah that’s basically everyone’s experience with them, like I said try a charge back through your bank. or post on the other forum and see if anyone can repair it for you…

Going to my bank tomorrow…thanx!

And if that is not working i send it to germany for repair…:rage:


Thats enertion for ya :clap:

Get Paypal involved. Request support from your Bank/CC company.

Don’t let Enertion play games with you.


Would be interesting to know what broke and how

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If i give full throttle, one wheel have a delay for 1 second… I have A little movie Of it but i cannot post movies…

what faults are reported in the unity tool?

None…i swap motors but the problem still exist…

Try sensorless motor detection, with sensors disconnected, also inspect for visible damage

Good advice, i’m going to try that tomorrow… thank you :grin::grin::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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No luck, still a delay to spin the wheels…:rage:

I have a unity. They are ignoring me. Keep asking me to plug in to read faults. Nothing detected when I plug it in.

They ignored after that email. I emailed 4 more times. 40 days old… Lovely


Unbelievable isn’t it? Here in europe we got always 2 year warranty on electronics… it’s the law…unity only 60 days and still no warranty in those days…fucking unbelievable!!!

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Same with my situation i have a motor on my raptor 2 that makes grinding sounds and stutters until i manually spin the wheel. Enertion support stalled on getting to the core issue then stopped responding to emails once it was time to make good on the 2yr warranty. Thinking about putting them on blast on my YouTube channel lol

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Why? Is enertion really broke and can’t they replace The broken stuff because there is no money anymore In The company?

Yes. They are broke. Jason is a scumbag.


Re calibrate your motors and sensors