Unity BS promises! Same old Enertion

Seems like a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. MIs this the only way to get information on my Order? I always thought people were exaggerating or maybe being impatient when it came to enertion but honestly, I should have listened. No updates, just lies, excuses and delays that have to be found out by coming to this forum! Im tired of the games and empty promises. If August comes and I have no unity, Im going to have to issue a charge back and make sure I get my money. Not what I want to do but Ive had enough of being left in the dark.

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I can confidently say most Kickstarter/Indiegogo vaporware projects voluntarily push more updates about shipment delays than Enertion does. I should not have to go ask Enertion for an update every damn time Enertion fails to keep their deadline, especially when A. I have already paid for that product, and B. said deadline was missed multiple times already.

Is there a valid reason you would not push news about additional delays to people not subscribed to your newsletter?

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Sent one before any delays were announced and another yesterday. I didn’t know it was up to me to constantly contact you guys. There must be a glitch in the matrix because this is deja vu. You would think after the focbox fiasco things would be different. Promising delivery at the end of may and delaying till end of August is ridiculous

Thats why I said fuck it and got a flipsky esc. No problems yet. I wasn’t willing to wait 2 months for a vague deadline that says " shipping next batch after feburary" so does that mean march, april, or whenever? Also don’t they charge you 20% if you want a refund?