UNIVERSAL Build Spreadsheet Template

I made a spreadsheet for any and all builds, just plug in your information and you will get information such as price, weight, top speed, and range. Here it is! Hopefully this is as useful to you guys as it is for me!


Well done … For the master builder or tweeker :+1:t2:

Great… Now I have a quick way to check out an infinite number of Esk8 configurations Can you hear the sound of money be sucked out of my wallet

Seriously though nice work!

Thanks @link5505 this is great; many folks forget one or more pieces of the build when they are starting. This could really help!

posting this to remind everyone that this exists.

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Just updated with a better interface.

@link5505 Looks great! Thanks again, Mason! :thumbsup:


  • minor text fixes

BUMP I want to see this being used more!

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BUMP any suggestions?

humpdito dumptido

bump any suggestions?