Unknown brand deck, Paris drop through trucks, and pneumatic wheel set with belt gear. (USA INDIANA)

I have for sale an unknown board and Paris trucks, and a set of skike 5" X 1" pneumatic wheels. the 9mm belt gear has 60 teeth. urethane wheels in picture are not included. hub motor in picture is in another ad.

Trucks have a big blemish from someone trying to attach a motor mount. Red bushings, and some very minor scuffs from grip tape installation. Functionally perfect. Board has some gold stamps on bottom, from where I was testing my gold foil stamping machine, sorry. Its pixelated because it contains my name and address. grip tape is new, ridden once.
Wheels, tread is good. functionally good. gear is relatively unused.

Take the board trucks and pneumatic wheels for 100 bucks. willing to trade for Nano x controller if you can ship it to me from within the US ASAP. I don’t want to wait for Enertion to ship one from china. Thanks for looking.

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How much for just the pneumatic wheels?

separate prices:

wheels and gear 75 SOLD PENDING FUNDS

deck 20 trucks 40 Both 50

I’ll take the wheels and gear. Pm me so we can work out PayPal

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