Unknown motor KV


I bought some bits second hand and unfortunately the seller had no idea what the KV or make the motor was, can anyone identify this motor or point me in the right direction to figure out what KV it is?

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If you have something to measure max rpm by your motor, you can divide your rpm by your battery’s voltage. That’s the best way to find Kv. Make sure your motors isn’t on a load.

Example: 12s battery = 43.2v (nominal)

And max rpm is 3600.

3600÷43.2= Kv.

Edit: it’s divided.

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I dont have anything to measure the RPM

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Doesn’t vesc tool measure rpm? Unless you’re not using vesc tools, then you may have to buy a rpm measuring device.

Cool, didn’t realise!! I’ll give it a go, could it see RPM if it is not a sensored motor

Send me a video of it. I went to guess kv by sound. Please :laughing:


VESC Tool can measure erpm but not rpm.


No. I just checked the tool, it only gives erpm. You do need a measuring tool for rpm. But if you are trying to estimate your rpm from erpm, you have to divide by 7, assuming that your motor is a 7 pole pair (14 pole outrunners), which they usually are.