Unlimited remote controller with NITRO button


i found the unlimited remote controller on facebook

more pictures here

more info about this board

the controller has:

  • a throttle like boosted board
  • cruise button
  • nitro button
  • little screen display and change speed modes

i really like the concept of a NITRO button to get a little boost, anyone tried to do something like this in DIY esk8 scene?

Im really trying to see what use the nitro button would be? Is that like hitting the throttle?

I’m thinking it could be something like ludicrous mode on a Tesla , temporarily moving some cells from parallel to series and providing more voltage for a short period of time. … but that’s just a complete guess , i haven’t been able to find any details or explanation from Eon

Because of the small battery (10S1P) high amps can’t be used for a long time. So the nitro button gives you more amps and cuts it before the battery overheats. On a board with good sized battery (e.g. 10S4P) this isn’t needed. Or it is simply a gimmick. On the other side it could be fun to have a a good power setting which is great for controllability. And a button that gives more power if you only want to accelerate hard.

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agreed, it could simply be increasing the escs current limiter from something like 20A to 25A or even 30A