Unnamed | blank deck | caliber2 44 | tb v4 mount | tb 230 kv motor | 10s3\4p | tb esc

fuck im tired so this is gonna be quick

NORMAL BOARD STUFFS DECK: http://www.thelongboardstore.com/longboards/blank/blank-41-drop-through-longboard-deck/ TRUCKS: http://www.thelongboardstore.com/trucks/caliber/caliber-ii-10-44-degree-satin-green-trucks/ WHEELS: NOT IN STOCK EBAY SELLER BUSHINGS: http://www.thelongboardstore.com/bushings/venom/shr-downhill-94a-white-bushings/ SHOCK PADS: http://www.thelongboardstore.com/risers/shock-risers/luxe-125-blue-shock-pad-risers/ SCREWS: http://www.thelongboardstore.com/hardware/countersink-screws/phillips-1-5-hardware-2/

ELECTRONICS ESC: product/torqueboards-12s-120a-car-esc-opto-hv/ BATTERIESX40: https://batterybro.com/products/samsung-25r5-green-inr1865025r5-2500mah-20a MOTOR: http://www.e-fliterc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=EFLA110 WATT-METER: http://www.e-fliterc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=EFLA110

E-BOARD MECHANICAL MOUNT: product/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-only/ GEARS: product/36t-abec11-drive-wheel-pulley/ & product/14t-htd5-motor-pulley/

if I missed something tell me, i’ll fix it tomorrow.

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motor link is wrong, just fyi

How do you plan on building the pack using the 18650s?

I think you missed the pulley and belts aswell

Sounds good @delta_19 what BMS will you use? How do you plan to connect the cells (solder or spot-weld)?

I’m also curious about the watt meter and how you’ll integrate it, is there an advantage to this one over one of the volt meters or coulometers that others are using?

@Karmannghiagirl motor link is fixed

@kaywerks http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/10s4p-18650-build-using-vape-sleds/2092

@XIII added

@treenutter no bms using sleds like before, they work and let me remove dead cells. the wattmeter is the same as a coulometer really its just all contained in to one unit.

Still pointing to the wattmeter :wink:


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Written plan coming this afternoon

so the plan, the plan for my board, the one made just for this board, the board plan. so i live on a 48 hour day world thats why im posting now…

rear single drive motor with a custom battery and TB ESC/VESC. the plan is to plane a flat spot on the board and glue on the vape sleds then make a lid with a piece of sheet metal to help get some of the heat off. from there attach the esc and mount the trucks and motors on some shock absorbers. the wattmeter isnt permanent so im just going to make a quick disconnect for it and longer leads.


board, bushings, shock pads, screws, sleds and, connectors all ordered.

waiting on possibility to buy vesc to test from a new manufacturer

Did they tell you if anything pre loaded onto it?

from what they told me they are fine tuning the firmware now so i think that means that there will be firmware on it but, i’ll ask to see if so and who makes it.

They got back and say they are using vedders software so yay

ok so in order of what happened.

no response from maytech on the vesc.

got the vape sleds in but no nickel strips so 2 more weeks till i can start the the pack.

board stuff is in but screwed up an only ordered one set of bushings not two, shite.

so for this board im starting to think its duel motor time just dont know if i want DD or DR really leaning for DD because the bigger motors i can use is a huge plus. i also need a lighting system and being a avionics tech i like to make my own circuits so plan for doing that is in the works. diagrams and schematics soon

Grip tape is off the board.

Go BIG or Go Home

i know i know.

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