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Hey all, I’m just starting out. I ordered the single motor kit from I’m waiting for the weekend to get my deck and then I’m going to slap it all together. The kit is pretty awesome and includes everything including velcro, straps, t nuts, and thumb screws for the included abs enclosure. The whole thing is really well compiled. Pics to come!

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@torqueboards definitely sells quality hardware. I’m looking forward to seeing your complete build :smile:

That long wire that @torqueboards includes is mad helpful when you are trying to get everything stored under the board. Make sure that you cover those connections with heat shrink or electrical tape. Everything is going to wiggle like a son of a gun, dont want the vibrations to bone ya over.

Good call, I have the motor wires E-taped for now but will probably heat shrink everything down once I mount it all to the board. I did run into an interesting anomaly. If the rx is plugged into channel 1 then the steering wheel on the remote controls the motor, and trigger does nothing. Once I plugged it into channel 2 the trigger worked as normal. Strange but no big deal. Now I just can’t wait to get my deck!

Temporary setup on an old board because I couldn’t wait to test it!