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Unnamed | Gravity Drop Kick | SK3 6364 245kv | 6S Lipo | FVT 120A ESC | Torqueboards Mount and Drive | 90mm Flywheels

Finally, after months of reading on ES and then here. I finally finished my first E-board. still have to make an enclosure and other stuff. and make it so i don’t have to take the battery out everytime i charge. but it’s running, had about 50 miles on it now and i’m very happy.

I originally wanted a VESC for it but due to the long wait ( both from Enertion and Ollinboard) I ordered the FVT and i got it in about a week. and now, I don’t even think i need the VESC at all. according to strava, my max speed is 26mph (which was scary fast for me) and the range i am not sure yet but i’m considering making my battery 6s2p 5000mah lipo just so that i’m not carrying the other set of battery with me and just have the board carry it for me.


what kind of motor mount is that ?? any links ?

@susplus I’m not sure but it may be this:

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Yep, that is it. He had the newer better version now.