Unnamed [] Kegel [] Vesc [] sk3 6374 [] 10s3p [] Custom parts

Hi, Here is my build with a lot of custom parts: deck, motor mount, wheel pulley, battery pack and enclosures. Iā€™m too lazy to write a lot :smiley: One picture is better than 1000 words :wink:


This build is awesome

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Very nice build and very clean. Good job with taking pictures all the way through. Love it!

Quick question: that material you used for the enclosure, is it non-textured ABS?

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Looks sweet, mind sharing more about your spot welder, battery digram, and vacuum former? They turned out awesome so I am curious. Those are Lg Hg2 cells right?

Do you think I could fit a similar set up in a penny board?

This is how its done.


No. Search some penny builds. They have a ridiculous small space between trucks for motor and battery.

Iā€™d start a new thread vs in @laikiuxā€™s build thread.

Kudos for a great/clean build.

Pics are great, but can you give more detail on the screen you integrated into GT2b? Looks like a @FLATLINEcustoms enclosure? Modified for room to fit screen? And how are you calculating distance on the screen? great info to see - would love more info.

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Thanks :slight_smile: @wmj259 Yes, it is non-textured ABS @sl33py Thank you. It is mad munkey mod, but not modified. There is enough space for tiny boost converter, hc-05 bluetooth module and arduino pro mini. Oled stands outside. I just printed a case for it and attached on the top plate.

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Where did you get the gears and belt? I am doing a similar build, and dont want to have to milll down the motor shaft if I use a torque boards stuff.