Unused lift board duel motors for sale

The motors have not been used but when they were shipped to me they got kinda beat up… not sure how but you can tell it was side impacts that caused the scrapes. They work with up to 9s batteries (i asked the lifttboard people but they seemed kind unsure about this, i would run it with 8s). Comes with everything shown:) im asking $100 plus shipping

Interested. Sent u a message

Intrested as Well send me a pm

Could I stick that on my single motor board if I take the single motor truck off

Sure, if you have two speed controllers

Do you still have these available?

I think so, are you interested? I would have to double check

Yes, How do you PM on this forum?

Sent you a message.

Are these still available?

If it doesn’t work can I do a return

Is this available or is it Sold yet?

Man! I know this post is old but by any chance do you still have the liftboard motors? I hope!