UPDATE: Dual ESCape's w/ Enclosure, DieBieBMS, 12s4p NESE Module, 2 TB 6380's 170kv


Sold most of the items originally posted, but still have the dual ESCape’s from @stewii with Dual Enclosure from @LukePL ($325), DieBieBMS from @Samau18 ($120), 12s4p NESE Modules from @agniusm (paid $180, but make an offer, I think $120 is fair), and 2 TB 6380’s 170kv (Silver) ($135 each, I’ll do $260 for both). All items 100% new and UNUSED.

Make an offer. I will sell at a slight discount, but don’t lowball please.

The ESCape’s alone were 245£ including shipping, which at the time converted to $325USD (the current exchange rate would be $312, but given the rarity of this item and that it is new, I’m still asking the same price I paid for it) and includes the dual case.

I’m not in a rush to sell, but I would prefer to do this quickly. Please DM if you have any questions, or wish to make an offer.


Reserved ESCape for @pixelsilva

He has been looking for some


Sweet! I was up all night so I’m going to go to bed, but I’ll message later today, or if you can tell him that’d be great.


If @pixelsilva doesn’t get these, he is going to burn this forum to ashes


Nah he’s gonna burn disclosure to ashes.

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What you think im trying to prevent :rofl:

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Nah, I just feel so bad because a guy by the name gogorobot turned down @pixelsilva

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I did to, it was like he was trying to avoid him.


Yeah I felt bad. Hopefully he shows up. Really should consider holding them for him :sweat_smile:


I did already at the top :grin:

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I messaged him right away when u saw the message earlier so he has first dibs. Just haven’t heard from him yet…, though he has liked my posts, but not commented, so a little confused lol.

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Sorry @uigiroux, was busy here with some stuff. Check your PM.


I have a completely new, unused DieBieBMS I purchased from @Samau18 for $120 shipped. I hate to have to do it but I need to sell it… Nothing wrong with it, as I said it’s completely new and unused. I will not take anything less than what I paid for it.

DM me if interested.

I have a pair of these aluminum pulleys for Kegel cores and are 40T.



After shipping they came out to €98, which is $110USD. I have only fitted them to my 100mm Boas, but they have not been used. The fit was kinda tight so I had to use a rubber mallet to get them in, so there is just the slightest bit of wear that shows, but all in all, they are essentially brand new.

I’d also be willing to sell the Boas with them ($120), as well as the TB 218 trucks I have them on ($65). All of these items have never been used. This adds up to $295, but if you get everything I’d do $275.

DM if interested!

PM sent​



Protip: to get those out of the wheels, put a bolt on the pin and lightly tap each pin from the outside of the wheel, with the edges of the wheel on blocks so the pulley is not on the bottom

You’ll never be able to just pull them out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very good idea!

Have a new, never used Metr Pro with antenna. Cost me $59 shipped. Will sell for $50 shipped (in the US).

Brand new, never used TB 218 trucks. Cost $65 plus shipping. Will sell for $55 plus shipping. Make me an offer!