UPDATED: $100 Piece of Shit Build

As the title says, I’m going to try to build a board using some parts I have, and with a $100 budget. I was inspired by @longhairedboy’s penny board death stick to bring my first build back to life. (See picture)

The difference is that this time, instead of using a VESC and high quality lipos, I’m going to do it as cheap as possible. I’m hoping that by building a board for cheap, all the new members that come here and say “I want to build a board on $150 or $250 budget” will see my post, and see that though it can be done, the result is shitty, and it’s better to spend the money and do it right the first time. Also, it will be nice to have a board I can beat to shit and not care it blows up one day.

So here are the parts I already have:

High quality, custom CNC motor mount :joy:

Yes, those are zip-ties holding it onto the trucks.

And 6372 192kv SK3 motor

I will also be using the 76mm flywheels seen in the original picture.

The parts I plan to buy are: ESC ($43)

Batteries ($36) Gearing ($15)

I figure that between the parts I plan to buy and parts I already have, the total cost for this build, assuming a motor off eBay or BangGood, making your own motor mount, and generic flywheels is about $160. I plan update this post once I get the parts in and get the board built. I’ll do a review on how good (or bad) it rides, and who knows, maybe this will turn out to be a half-way decent board for a cheap price. Let me know what you think of my part choices and make your predictions for how bad this board will perform :grin:


lol that pack will give you about 7a cont. :joy:

I purchased the same pack but not sure if I should use it. What would be wrong with it?

That mount is not going to work well. It’s so far off from being square that the pulleys won’t be parallel and the belt will never stay in place

My advice is to spend your $100 on burritos and push your skateboard instead. You’re going to get farther in the end


each pack is limited to 10a, so using one pack will only give you 10a continuous.
I have 3 of these linked in parallel for 30a continuous, which IMO is a bare minimum

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@jmasta savage lol


Try this mount: Bennett Vector truck :point_down: https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/3X/a/0/a08e4ffb7113be85b3ccc14dcd964618312c0a45.JPG


Waste of time and money. Hopefully you don’t street your face or burn something down with this.

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Guys he isnt building this for practicality, if you guys actually read the thread he said hes only making it to prove to those people who want to spend less than 200 bucks that theyre going to get a shit build


Thanks for reading M8. Yes, this is not a serious build, just figured I could make a point for cheap and have fun doing it, so why not?


I beg to differ. I actually used this mount on my first board, as I mentioned. This POS mount worked nearly perfectly. I cruised on flats up to 25 mph and easily climbed hills with it. It may look like shit, but it does its job. :wink:

The belt tension must pull the mount back in, counteracting the force from the zipties

I didn’t mean to offend you, but a mount held on by plastic zipties while going 25mph seems super sketch. Be careful out there, my friend


No mount held on by cable ties is going to under my ass whilst going 25mph. Some folks just must not mind eating street that much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a geniue car vesc from hobbyking much higher quality at the same price

Use old laptop batteries, which you can get from any laptop repair shop for free…you will have to use more of them in paralell but they are for free! :smiley:

No offense taken. I agree with everything you said though. The belt tension does pull on the mount and it is super sketch, but I figure, what’s the worst that can happen? The zip ties snap, the mount comes loose and belt becomes so lose that it has no effect on the board, in which case the board just becomes a regular penny board and I just ride out the momentum till it stops.

When this board was running, I never once fell on it. Like I said to jmasta, worst that happens is the belt comes loose and it becomes a regular penny board.

Why not use a $8 hobbyking mount? Way better and less sketch, still basically no budget impact.

If the goal is to make a cheap ass skateboard, might as well make the best cheapass skateboard. I feel like you could achieve decent reliability pretty easily for sub $300 (given that you have the board and the motor already)


Why not use Lipos?

I would, but it’s currently out of stock/back ordered, so I plan to wait until their back in stock. Also, I think it’s too wide, to fit on my truck and still have room for the wheel pulley. As it is, with this ¼ inch thick mount there’s barely any room.

@paragon I think this is cheaper than lipos for what I get. I don’t think I’d be able to get a 4400 mah 10s lipo for $35.