(Updated) 12s4p battery, 97 abec 11 flywheels, motor mounts and MORE!

Will upload pictures when I get home around 6pm today. But as listed…

Everything is shipped from orlando fl. Buyer pays shipping unless we work something out otherwise.

SOLDTorqueboard Brand New Vesc - $90 SOLDTorqueboard (2) Used Vesc - $75 (about 150 miles)

SOLDAll VESC are 4.12 hw wit updated fw besides the new one which has stock fw

SOLDUsed (less than 20 miles) Set of (4) Blue 8in primo tires w/ or w/out tubes - $60 or $80 with tubes. (EVOLVE HUBS NOT FOR SALE)

SOLDNew set of 4 Grey Kuda tires - $30 or $50 with tubes

1 set sold218mm trucks - $50 ( 2 sets )

(3) Black TorqueBoard Motor mounts - $45 a piece ( 1 is brand new ) $50

soldNew 97mm Abec clone (orange) w/ abec 7 bearings $25

SOLD36T abec pulley kits (2) 15mm

36T (1) 12mm with belts

Shredlights - $30 (brand new)

Custom deck - $80 plus shipping

Pictures please

PM’d about wheels…

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Will have them on my lunch break or latest tonight around 6pm est

I’d also be interested in the wheels pulleys and mounts

Will get the pics uploaded ASAP.

PM’ed about the trucks!

PM’ed about new VESC

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Replied to all PM’s.

PMed about a used VESC


What’s still available?

Do you ship to Sweden and if so what would be the estimated shipping cost? (Trying to figure out if it’s cheap enough with shipping and or if we could strike a deal)

I will ship anywhere. Sweden would usually be around $35 depending on what you need. The only things available are

  • (3) Motor Mounts 63mm TB
  • 36T 12mm pulley kit
  • 218 TB trucks

Probably willing to sell the following items as well

  • SOLD(2) 6374 TB motors 190kv great condition with sensor cables $100 each
  • TB 12s4p battery samsung 30q cells with enclosure $350
  • 97 abec 11 fly wheels pretty much brand spanking new $80 (less than 10 miles)
  • (2) more additional 36T 15mm pulleys

Will add pictures later

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Pm about motor and abec wheels

Just hit you back

I’ll take the 218mm trucks if still available. Also shredlights but I think you sold those.

Yes I still have things available. About to post what’s left now .

Ok so what I have left and am willing to sell is

  • (2) 36T 15mm wide abec pulley set $25 each
  • TB 218mm truck $50
  • 97mm abec 11 fly wheel $85 brand new
  • 90mm abec clone yellow with abec bearings $20
  • 83mm stock evolve wheels no chips $40
  • 12s4p battery 30q with enclosure and 4a fast charger $400
  • TB motor mount brand new $45 for 218mm trucks
  • MBS wheels brand new $55
  • Evolve R2 remote brand new in box $70
  • Bluetooth module from Miami electric skateboards $15

Is the tb218 truck a set of two?