UPDATED: Build completed! Kahuna Creations Bombora 59"

Just found a Kahuna Creations Bombora 59" in a friend’s garage. He is donating it to the cause, so I am going to take an eSk8 build I have and port it over this weekend. Basically Carvon v2.5 hubs 97mm with VESC and 10s4p in 25" @psychotiller enclosure. Anybody ever done something like this and have any tips on mounting, etc? First time for everything I guess, so any advice appreciated from any experience with this deck lol!


Pics please!! Following, this should be super fun to watch lol. :slight_smile:

Haha, no time for a build thread now on the road but I assembled the build from parts I brought with me last night. Everything went smoothly, for once lol. I must say this is one sick ridiculous board. No chance of going unnoticed leaving the building. Couple of quick pics before taking it out to the beach boardwalk!


Wow! What a beautiful, stealthy beach cruiser! That thing has got to turn some heads!

Haha, awesome. Any wheel bite?

Used risers and tighertrucks just to be safe as replaced wheels with 97mm size. No bite yet, but this thing flies and give its weight mass it rolls over through everything. And if it tries not to, you have 59" of deck to step through before Street haha :joy: lol

Have to find a place to clock speed, like an oil tanker it takes awhile to get up to speed but gets there and keeps it. Just got tossed out of a long empty parking lot I was going to try, with a helmet lol.

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Hey @Michaelinvegas, my deck is bigger than yours lol