Updated design of Spine (space for bigger batteries,connector enclosure..)

Hey guys. We updated the Faraday Spine design to version 1.2 so if you want to print your own elecric skateboard - it’s good time to do so.

Improvements over previous design -Added space for bigger batteries, now supporting lipo and li-ion batteries -Made the batteries swappable -Added connector enclosure for easy disconnect of cables -Improved rubber seal for cables/electronics box

Project on thingiverse

Project on youmagine


Does this clamp on to normal trucks?

if normal = Onda trucks, then yes

This is the weirdest board I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what to think of it and am curious as to what it evolves into.

Is the entire deck 3D printed?

@evoheyax Deck with trucks and wheels it’s Onda Core.

@aikokami I’d love to see you guys work on another platform than the Onda. Do you intend on working with standard reverse kingpin trucks? It will widen your ability to integrate stock parts into your build. There are a lot of great parts/innovations that have the benefit of decades of development for the longboard/skateboard industry! BTW: Nice work on your build! :sunglasses::thumbsup:

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What about curbs? Or uphill? Wouldn’t the box just break off

@Ulfberht Custom board is among our plans. Probably standard trucks but I will look into other possibilities now that you mentioned it.

We are gathering some ideas here - feel free to write down what do you think would work well.

@barajabali I’m sure you can make it happen - I was worried about battery compartment being too long, but it stays together well - even on curbs. I did not test new design driving uphil yet.