[UPDATED STOCK & PRICES] Esk8 Garage Sale! Quality New & Used Parts for Cheap!

UPDATE: Check my latest post in the thread to see the items that are still available.

US shipping included in prices. DM for additional international shipping cost. I will take offers if they are reasonable. If you want multiple items, I can reduce the price. paypal.me/MorganKuphal

I am also selling 2 brand new 190KV motors that I have on order in a group buy. $100 each & I paid $110 each. More info on those here:

I am also selling my vac forming molds for my enclosures: double stack LY 38 Switchblade, single stack flat enclosure, double stack concave enclosure & double stack flat & short enclosure. DM if you are interested. They are really nice but I just don’t need them anymore.


The price is pretty firm on these unless they don’t sell within the next 3 weeks

EDIT: Screw it, I’ll take offers on these too! All they are doing is taking up space anyway and I’d rather see them be used than get dusty.


190KV motor is sold!

UPDATE: I’ll take $15 each on both of the remaining motors. The 6355 260KV is super easy to fix, you just need to put two 10mm long m4 grub screws in the back and it is ready to roll!


All 37T wheel pulleys are sold! 42T pulley & both motor pulleys are still available!

IMG_0074 IMG_0077

Only the 320mm belts have been paid for so far!


I’ll actually just take $10 for the speaker. It works great!

crap. some of the images are upside down & hard to read… Working on fixing it now.

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Great prices, save a double stack for me? How much for shipping to 92127?


$10 total including shipping for the short double stack. lol its less than I paid for the plastic to make it but I value a clean closet more than money at this point.

I can’t bring myself to throw it away so I might as well sell it cheap!


Yes, I’ll take it, what’s your PayPal

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[email protected]

Can you put those vescs on hold for me for just a few hours? Wanna look into getting those DRVs replaced before I pull the trigger.


I am not gonna hold anything unfortunately. First person to pay gets it. That’s partly the reason the prices are so cheap so its more convenient for me. Hell, its only $10 which is about as much as it costs me to ship them to you so they are basically free.

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Great price! Guys in the US take your chance.

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Sent the $$$$$

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You got the last one! All the enclosures, both single and double stack are now sold!


I also just sent $$$ for a double stack


I was the first one to comment


ya you got it.

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Thank you so much!

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the people who got the enclosures are @mmaner x2 double stack x1 single @KaramQ x1 double stack and @TheGinjaNinja x1 double stack


only one? 10char


What enclosures do you have left?

yup unfortunately. I think @longhairedboy still has them for sale too but they are like $30 I think. Check his website.

I paid however much he sold them for and never used it and I want a clean closet so this is a fire sale.

the ones I got, I got for you :slight_smile:

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