(UPDATED) Yard sale mostly bench tested parts

I have here some extra parts im not using anymore and have been laying around just picking up dust plus I really need the money. See something you like pm if interested.

$200 for dual set up 260kv 6354 with 40T gears 20180920_120850 20180920_120902 These are used 20180920_120909 $25 new 20180920_123656 $55 new flywheels with 40T gears installed never used 20180920_123637 20180920_123646 Maytech Vesc 4.12 used each $70 or both for $120. They work well doesnt have bootloader never got around to adding it not recommended with FOC mode only BLDC. 20181005_074729 20181005_074756 20181005_074806


Call dibs on green mbs wheelz

Will take the 6374, PM’ed

I forgot to mention US only and when people pay I would prefer family and friends if you dont feel like doing so please add the fee amount to your payment thank you

Salut je serais intéressé par les all terrain .tjrs dispo?

I’m in the UK and would like the flywheels with 40Tgears if you can be tempted to post them.

What motors are those? Are they SK3s? But these have sensors…

You can buy sensors for sk3 motors, they cost about $15 I think

Where? Is it easy to open it up and place the sensors in?

No idea but here’s the link


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They are custom sk3 motors I bought them in a group buy long ago. 260kv rating but even with that rating they can still push me 23mph and I weigh 230lbs.

How much for the 2 motors only?

$100 for both or $60 each