(Updates) Wheels upgrade on huboards

When you get to face a carbon fiber electric skateboard, the first thing you will notice is that it will have a very minimum shock absorb as a trade off for its nice shape.

Same thing when i first bought huboards 3months ago, i made this request directly to winboards that if they can increase the size of the pu the board will be much more comfortable while riding rough terrains.

And after making the request I totally forgot about the issue until last week when winboards contacted me that they have made the improvement on pu size and asked me if I wanted to try it before it is sold in market.

Now that I got the wheels today, let me upload some of the pictures. Looks like they not only upgraded the size but also made it more smoother for the comfort.

Winboards says it will soon be available. The wheels were offered to me 60dollars on 2 front and 2 back wheels along with new motor cap that was all scratched from the small pu. (Retail will probably be expensive than this though)

Size: 83mm ☞ 90mm Cushion: 80A ☞ 78A

(New pu on same motor) Now that i have much more room between the motor and the pu, I will pretty much get more cushion on the board and less scrach on the motor cap.

(Comparison on front and back wheels) You can easily tell the significant difference of the size.

(One side with original, one side with new on board) Before changing all i took a picture by just changing one side as a comparison.

Looks nicer. Let us know is it better.

Its not like super better but it definitely has the cushion with softer material and bigger size comparing to the former wheel.

The best part of it is that you only have to buy the pu and not replace the whole motor for it.

Too bad its not available yet. I heard that there on final test for safety matters and yet have no issues so probably will release it soon.

Would you mind telling me how big the inside of those PU sleeves are? I might have an idea that could improve it even better but ill have to check.

Oh sure. Let me give you a feedback after i check once i return from work today.

By the way, Is the described picture also the same pu as original? If it is, inside size is pretty much same. I mean logically it has to. Since it is meant to be applied on the same motor.

The picture is yours :slight_smile: I just need to see how big the inside is to see if what im thinking works.

Sorry for the late reply. These days worktime is crazy…

I just made the estimatiin…its 6.5cm (Below is picture with the ruler on top to make it a clear notice)

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So we currently offer a pair of the 90mm at our new website for $40 https://winboardusa.com/product/replacement-rear-wheels/

As of posting this we only offer replacement wheels with the order of a winboard to keep the shipping costs down. Although if anyone has interest in only ordering the replacement rear wheels we will be happy to arrange that for you.