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Upgrade my current board - gear and belt assembly

My board has low clearance from the motor and the street; I have scraped the motor. Instead of purchasing replacement parts from the manufacturer (who doesn’t return emails) I should modify my board with parts I can find.

Pictures! What kind of board have you built or purchased? More than likely you’ll be able to fix the clearance issue with bigger wheels or a different motor mount/truck combo.

motor specs: 90BL 338-60 36V 3800rpm 900w Battery: 36v 10ah Lithium

Were those the original wheels that came on those trucks? Typically those types of trucks have 9" tires on them which is why the motor mount is so low to the ground.

you could probably pretty easily get a replacement motor, all those type boards are pretty much the same.


you could replace it with some more compact more powerful unit, but probably have to replace the speed control too.

It came stock this way. It was made by a Chinese manufacturer of ebikes and electric skateboards are a side project. This board showed a 600w smaller motor in the specs. I was surprised to see the bigger motor. It did hit 22mph, and the front end comes off the ground if not leaning forward.

This is what I saw when I decided to buy it, and it came with the 900w motor. Again great power but low clearance. I was thinking of trying to rotate the motor 1/4, higher but then I might compress it with the board and break it. I could just try to be careful and run it. I do not have that remote. I have the small usb looking one

If I run it hard and it breaks, then can you help me to modify it.

LOL Sure! I’m down for a challenge.

I’ll ride it and be somewhat careful, but I won’t worry too much. When it breaks, lets make it cooler and faster. You will remember it I’m sure (as it is unusual looking). Thanks.

Last night after a ride I noticed that my motor was loose. Shifting about back and forth. The four small bolts with lock nuts came loose a little causing the motor to shift. I took the drive wheel off and noticed that there is a little space on either side of the bolts. When the nuts loosened, the motor shifted back and forth in that open space. My concern is as I tighten up the small (too small) bolts, I may crack the housing. Should I put washers and stronger bolts? I want to upgrade, but not after a week of riding. can I reinforce this area.

Those four bolts are holding the whole motor assembly. Not strong enough.

Maybe lock washers or loctite?

Thank you. I will definitely upgrade this on the inside (the part we cannot see) with flat washer and a lock washer, with stronger bolts. So far, this is the weak link in this setup. I hope the battery and controller are better quality! Cheers. Either way, you have a customer in me. I will also refer people interested in electric skateboards to you. You cannot buy them in Korea. They sell every other kind of electric one wheels and scooters and “hover-boards” (inaccurate language choice). You can ship Electric Skateboards in parts. If they get heavy, we separate into two boxes as parts. We can make some business together in South Korea. Legally, but without importing full assemblies. We call this CKD (complete Knock Down) and avoid import tax. This is a common practice and completely legal. Anyway, one thing at a time; get my board running solid. Thanks for your advice!

Interesting that you cannot buy complete electric skateboards there.

Stainless steel bolts would be a good choice, though if it’s the housing that you’re concerned about cracking, it may be a moot point.

You can definitely upgrade/modify these kind of boards. I bought aluminum stock on Amazon and made my own motor mount. I got some vex HTD pulleys and made my own pulley. The original remote was stupid looking and too gun like, so I made my own out of plastic.

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