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I burned out my motor the other day, so I am replacing my ESC and motor. What I have on order is a VESC and 200kv motor both from @chaka. I currently have 2x 3s 5000mah 20c LiPos from hobbyking. I am planning on adding batteries because 6s on 200kv isn’t very fast. Should I buy another two of the batteries I have already for 12s, or get something else?


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If you refer to @chaka’s thread here you’ll see that 10s is actually the optimal battery for a 200kv motor.

couldn’t I just limit the voltage coming from the lipos? (12s but limit to 10s output)

The trouble with running 200kv at 12s is you will be running close to 10k rpm with a full charge and you will encounter errors if using a VESC. I think you would be happy at 9s and since you are already locked into 3 cell packs that would be your best bet.


Is 12S preferable on a 190kv motor, a 170kv motor or a 150kv motor according to the VESC?

i wouldn’t go any lower than 170kv at 12s and no higher than 190kv if I were building a speedboard.

You can take it up to 200kv but it gets a little unreliable and causes problems with a full charge. You have to be sure you don’t rev up the motor when it is unloaded or you can fry your drv chip.

At 12S and 149kv it will climb hills proficiently is my guess at 16/36?
Correct me if Im wrong

Yeah, Chaka’s suggestion is the best budget wise. Just snag another 3s 5000 mah and go 9s.

In my experience it wont climb any better than a 192kv sk3 at 12s, a 149kv sk3 even at full charge will only hit around 7300 rpm. You end up losing 20% of the motors powerband. Not optimal but it does work well. 16/36 gearing is actually a little tall for a well rounded single drive. It will have good top speed but the climbing performance will suffer unless used in a dual configuration.

On a unrelated topic Chaka, I have a 270kv 6364 that I’ll be running at 6s single drive. I was thinking of using 16/36 gearing, the calc tells me a weighted top speed of 18mph. Do you think that gearing is safe for decent torque? 14/36 maxed out at like 15mph which seems a little to slow. What do you think?

It’s a bit of a compromise since you will be maxing out at 6000 rpm. If you could ad 2 cells and bring your voltage up to 8s you would have access to the full range of power from that motor.

Your calculations are a little off. At these speeds our boards run at almost 100% efficiency unless you have a really tight belt or an abnormally small motor.

I’m account for some efficiency drop due to the fact I’m on the heavier side (230lbs or 104kg). I got a good deal on a 6s fvt esc so I’m limited to 6s at least for the time being, I’ll probably go up to a VESC at some point and move into a 8 or 10s config. but for the time being, you think the 16/36 ratio is best?

I have a single 245kv on 10s,… should i limit RPM to around 8800 ?

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