Upgrading Chinese clone with Vesc


I bought i Chinese clone board, and yes. It SUCKS! The acceleration is horrible and the breaking is even more horrible. Therefore i decided to buy i VESC to replace the current ESC which i expect is the main problem. A guy on youtube, Dr. Circuit did this apparently with good results

After receiving the VESC and opening the board i have a few things I am unclear of. I hope you guys can help me out! :slight_smile:

So here is my VESC and the ports i think i need to use. Also of cause the USB port for configure it.

And this is the internal of the board

I would like to reuse the bms and the controller. Is it possible, just to replace the ESC with the VESC?

also. the VESC has three pins to connect to the receiver but the receiver has that white connector with many ports coming from the ESC. Also. There is two wires coming from the ESC, soldered to the receiver board. What about those?

I hope someone has some thoughts on this :slight_smile:


Are you sure that these two cables go to the receiver or do they go to the BMS and then to the receiver?

I i not sure. does this picture clear things up?

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The two wires (red/black) im pretty sure its for the fan.

The other wires going to the ESC im guessing are the PPM and Hall Sensor.

It would be great if you can post more pictures of the wires, where the connect, etc.


Those wires being for the fan would make a lot of sense! If i would replace the ESC should i just cut those?

Here is some more pictures. Please let me know if other photos are needed:)

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Ok, so from those pictures, i can asume the black and red are fan, the other 8 (cant really count them properly from the pictures) should be PPM(3 wires)+SENSOR(5 wires)

okay thank you! I have tried to take a better picture.

Would it be at all possible to use the VESC with that controller, and how would i go about connection it to the receiver board?

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Hmm, after seen the wiring again, i think you might be better off replacing the receiver too.

oh okay. as you may be able to see. The receiver is soldered to the BMS too. can you tell me why this is. And would i need to do something simular

Hmm, probably some connection for the receiver to relay the battery status to the remote/esc

Okay. that makes sense too :slight_smile: So, do you think i could just replace the receiver and add for example the 2.4GHz Nano Remote cutting the wires to the receiver board

thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

And also. the white plug just in front of my index finger. is that just for powering the receiver board do you think? and can i just remove that? :slight_smile:

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Its hard to tell. I think you’ll need to get a tester and start probing wires.

When you say a tester.do you mean a voltmeter?

multimeter, one that at least has volt, resistance and continuity

okay. where would you measure to get inforation about that white connector? :slight_smile:

Red and black wire could be the switch for the esc and its just been wired into the main switch so it all comes on at same time.

Thank you for Your replys! Anyone with other information? :slight_smile:

Now I have ordered a remote and some xt60 connectors from alienpowersystems. Will try to update the topic when I recieve it :slight_smile:

How did the VESC upgrade go? What clone board did you have?

I was thinking of doing the same thing to my Lectric Longboard (similar to Magneto/Luuov/LecDec/MelonBoard/Backfire)