Upgrading from Flywheel clones (to MBS?)

I am in the process of building my first board with a belt drive kit from DIYEboard. It comes with 83mm 78a (I am not sure if you can trust that durometer :smiley:) Flywheel clones. After test riding it a little I realized that the streets where I live are rougher that I thought and the wheels are harder that I thought.

I want to upgrade to better wheels and would like to have some opinions on different wheels with flywheel cores, and how they compare to clones.

My first choice right now would be MBS. I hope the slightly bigger size and “truer” durometer rating will improve the riding.

Opinions on that wheel or recommendations for other wheels?

I loved my MBS 100mm wheels. But I only ever rode them shaved. And they are pretty light for their size.

Have you looked at ABEC 90 and 97mm 74A ReFlys, or SuperFly 107 74A?

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Thanks for the quick response! Are the MBS comparably soft? And do they have to be shaved?

I looked at some ABEC wheels but it seems like the availability is sometimes problematic (+ I need shipping to Canada) and I was also hoping for black or red wheels (but that should be of lower priority :smiley:)

Also I think the MBS are between clones and ABECs considering the price, right?

The don’t have to be shaved. They are pretty soft and bouncy. Price wise yes they sit between Clones and abecs.

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Great! that sounds like what I want.

I have heard that a lot of recent MBS wheels were wobbling bad (@Ebisane9) and others

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MBS wheels are more than okay, i’m sure they’re good…when they spin true. This was my biggest of two gripes;

  1. They did not spin true at all, super wobbly, which is fine in a sense until it causes a lot of drivetrain issues. It seems a lot of the recent batch of MBS wheels have this wobble issue, I’ve at least heard of 2 others since i complained about mine.
  2. They have a super small contact patch and are super slidey (this can be solved if you shave), those knobs cause for additional vibration on your drive train btw!

All in all, at this particular point in time i would not recommend, i recently got clones from @jlabs which i am yet to try (but the reviews on these have been nothing but positive) i also recently got some 107mm ABEC flywheels from https://www.warehouseskateboards.com/abec-11-superfly-black-longboard-skateboard-wheels-107mm-74a-set-of-4 . cost me $113 as opposed to $160 , no tax and no shipping. a couple other forum members have bought from here too AND received their product as expected.

my $0.02


the 97mm are $39.99 for a set of 4? @JLabs do you ship to Canada? I really like the idea of the MBS but if they cause issues I might consider @JLabs’s (if I can cancel my order of MBS :smiley: )

Although It feels a little weird switching from one no-name clone to another one. I’ve seen more people use MBS…

Do the MBS all terrain longboard wheels really make a difference going offroad compared to 97 or 107mm flywheels?

I haven’t tried them personally, I feel like they seem gimmicky. But, I have seen a ton of pictures of people riding them… So, is there something there that other wheels aren’t good at?

Yes I do but it’s gonna be $30 in shipping

I have a set of orange MBS wheels I bought for my Carvon v4 TDs, mounted but never used. It’s my 1st set and I just wasn’t all that impressed with the quality.

I bout 107mm Superfly’s to use instead. I’m thinking about putting these in the radial Mill and shaving them down, trueing them in the process. I wonder if it’ll work :grinning:.

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I got some older MBS wheels (without the wobble) unshaved and I love them for the price

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Freeze them, and do this. And use a bit with a high angle of of attack/cut pitch to pull material away, as urethane likes to move around small attack angle bits

Also the wobbling issues for some is because of the way the cores are made. The cores are actually a super hard urethane, not a plastic, but the shore hardness is in the plastics realm. So using socket on the outer races of the bearings to make sure they’re clicked completely in is important, as they might feel like they are in, but the socket on a press or rubber mallet makes sure they go in all the way without binding against the outer races. @Ebisane9


Wish we would have discussed this earlier, i gave mine away with a quickness.

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All good @Ebisane9 :slight_smile: