Upgrading Koowheel Battery, Possible?

So the only guy except me that has a esk8 in town has a koowheel and his battery went shit, the board almost has no power, so he asked me for help.

Im not sure if its worth to build him a 30Q pack or just to get another battery from koowheel

Could the cheapo ESCs take a few more amps reliably? He sometimes rides with his little son on the board so it would not be very nice to loose the breaks…

I think you should be able to upgrade the battery no problem. If anything he should just experience an extreme jump in range.

Doesn’t the ESC dictate power draw/consumption?

Honestly I’m not sure, I think I read some time ago that if you bypass the bms the amps should jump from 30 to 50 Since I do not know even what model he has, and did not open up the battery to check it out, I dont know much about it

Jeez :thinking::thinking:

I understand he probably doesnt want to spend more money than he has to, but fortunately for him the age of cheaper dual escs has finally started… Maybe he can snag a 4.20 dual from maytech or flipsky 🤷


I find it odd that the bms would limit the power though… The only good reason I can think of is that 30a is all it’s rated for…

But why push it to 100%? :thinking:

I do not think that he wants to spend that much money on dual vescs, hopefully someone who had bypassed the bms will read this and help me out :smiley:

I would like to push it a little more because 30A is not much…

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The ESC dedicates the amount of power to pull. It won’t all of a sudden start pulling more Amps just because it can.

The biggest differences you’ll see are in range and sag. They’re be much less sag on the 30Q pack and range will be increased.

It doesn’t matter if you use a bms or don’t use a bms the max Amps that can be pulled is set by the ESC.


Replacing the cells should be really easy.

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Wow that’s a cool channel!

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Yep… i got addicted too

another person you might like, hes funny as hell in a nerdy way


I had a koowheel as my first board a year or more ago and I took a 10s3p 30q battery and put it on there and just changed the connector on the esc to an XT60 for easy plug and play and it worked great for a while until I finally just started DIY, 3 boards deep now… lol. But ya, totally works and totally helps with power, range, etc. Go for it.

Yup, dido, What @strattos says is exactly what happened when I swapped out the stock battery for a 10s3p 30q pack. Speed wasn’t incredinly faster but it was noticeably better, range and not getting sag as quickly as I did or as bad were the big changes that are noticed. Those motors and the esc they use aren’t terribly bad. About to dig my koowheel motors and esc out of the bottom of my garage and scrape off the year old dust to make a little mini cruiser for when I walk my frenchie around my condo complex just cause, why not have a 4th or 5th if I have the parts to right…? Lol.

PS - I also friend 2 koowheel batteries just cause I was riding full throttle all the time and live in a hilly area and good luck on getting a replacement one from koowheel depending where he got it originally. I was lucky enough to buy mine from Jerry @ carvon and he just stopped by my house a couple days later and swapped it out for me and dealt with koowheeel himself., Super cool of him.


I have a Koowheel DM3 that I modified to have a 36v 10p3s battery (30x18650 cells vs stock battery 20x18650 cells) from Aliexpress (10 Ah). I also built a carbon fiber & fiberglass enclosure using clear epoxy. Both the battery and enclosure are removable using clevis pins and cotter pins.

Youtube how-to video I made:

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Does it hold a ukulele well? looks like a good size for that too!

I never thought of that…but hey why not - ukulele, violin, anything goes! This was a fun project and I have to give credit to the videos I got inspired by on youtube and some posts on this forum - especially the clevis pins and cotter pins - that solved my problem of making both the battery and cover removable.

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