Upgrading motors and battery for kids car

thinking doing the same actually

i bet the endless sphere guys would know. My first instinct would be to use an ebay ebike electronics kit and drop your own battery in

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I’m hoping to convert a child’s ride-on 6v car to 12v.

The car is manufactered in Italy by Toys Toys. They are licensed to make replicas of road going manufaturers vehicles for children.

They do 6V and 12V versions of many of their cars.

The one I have happens to be a 6V version and as such its a bit sluggish and can only operate on flat concrete surfaces - it doesn’t have the torque to cope with grass or anything other than a very very shallow incline.

While looking on a stockists website I noticed that spares are available for these cars - including replacement 6V and 12V motors, batteries and their corresponding wiring looms.

They don’t specifically list an ‘upgrade’ kit and when I contacted them direct they weren’t very helpful and didn’t endorse the upgrade (as I suspected would be their response).

The 12V versions have 2 6V batteries and are advertised as being able to ride over grass so I’m keen to swap my 6V components for the more powerful versions.

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A long time ago, in the days of SLA batteries, I did this to a similar car :joy:

Maybe I can`t to say you about upgreating battery, but I have some information of intereting vary of Kids ride-on cars with reliable and capacious battery. There are TOP 5 ride-on cars for Kids

Eboosted, I have this exact Jeep that you posted for my son. I really do not know much about electrical work. I am wanting to boost this vehicle speed though, I have an extra 12v battery. I am just curious if you have any tutorials on upgrading this exact vehicle, or any tips on where to get started for learning what I need to know. I want to make this vehicle more fun for my child, without making it blow up Lol.

Well, I purchased a Telsa for my son 3 months ago and he seems to be pretty happy with the current performance, maybe I’ll make the speed/torque upgrade down the road when he is 3 years old, currently 1 year and 11 months, so unfortunately no tips for you at the moment.

Here is the video when he got his Telsa :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Freaking adorable. That’s such a cool car. Little man looks so happy.

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No worries thanks anyways. So cute haha. Kids are the best!

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Forget the jeep. I watched a few reviews on the Tesla. Buying… Thanks :slight_smile:

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Wow, these are some great customisation. I just ordered a kids car, any idea on how to customise my Mercedes AMG GT-R? I’m going to swap the motor for a powerful one, also looking for some wheels customisation as these ones come with default plastic ones.