Upgrading my first upgrade - 10s4p to 10s8p on Evolve GT

I just finished building my first pack for an Evolve GT Bamboo. I went with a 10s4p Sony VTC6. The upgrade is amazing!

I’m thinking about pulling out this pack and turning it into a 10s8p. I’ve already built a fiberglass enclosure big enough to accommodate the cells. My original pack was built with doubled up nickel strips and braided tinned copper wire to carry the current. It’s a typical “fold in the middle” 10s4p pack. The series connections are bridged with 12awg silicon wire to give it flex.

Are there any special concerns I need to look out for if I decide to add another 4 cells to each of these existing groups of 4? My thought is to glue and spot weld 10 more packs of 4 each. Then, unfold the original pack, and use nickel strips and braided wire to attach them appropriately to existing groups. I’m assuming I should beef up all my series connections with at least another 12awg wire? Will unfolding and refolding the pack once cause too much wear and tear on the already bent strips in the middle? Am I completely overlooking anything?