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Hey guys,

to start off Electric Skateboards are Great!!! Love my board. Riding is great but now its time to upgrade. I live in the netherlands and we have a big variation between roads in the city centers and the roads in the less populated parts .

Most cities here are pretty old and they love cobble stone streets here :confused:. I have got Orangatang Kegels and to ride over cobblestone or even roads with big rocks its called a keien weg its a road with big stones like the romans used to make. So you can imagine that the ride isnt comfortable going over that almost fell off the board couple of times haha. We also have new super smooth asphalt for the cyclists but its 50/50 between these asphalt and cobble stone roads. Like these roads ( not exactly these slighty worn off stones but it comes really close to it. image

About my build. I have got a loaded vanguard flex 2 slighty longer because I am a tall guy and I have some long ass legs. I have the calliber 50 trucks and I like them a lot. I have got a single motor 6374 and really like the torque it gives but more is always better. Especially for the braking with a single motor it just makes it a lot harder and safer overall with 2 motors. I dont push to insane speeds I personally think 40kph/ about 25Mph is max considering the deck flex. High top speeds also are just not really needed so geared it with 16T/42T top speed lays about 42km/h about 26Mph. Mijn%20skateboard%20elektrisch%2022-10-2018

Going into the upgrades: The first one is a wheel upgrade. I would like to make this upgrade because of the roads and to increase the capability to go over bigger objects. So I have got two main choices for wheels. First one is the evolve all terrain kit. I read that the pulleys on them have a bearing so you need more axle space or need to expand your axle. Because I am going to upgrade my skateboard to 6374 any how I probably need the Torque Boards 218mm trucks. So my question is. Is it possible to just buy the kit and fit it on the 218mm TB trucks? Or do i need to cut or adjust something? If in need to do that I will probably go for the 107s. Read great stuff about those wheels. But concidering the price 150eur. So with pulleys about 175/180Eur the evolve AT kit is a really got competitor. For the future i also think it would be cool if i could change my wheels evolve style form at to street (kegel or AT) so thats why I am leaning towards evolve if i dont have to adjust or cut too much.

My second upgrade is the dual 6374: I really like the torque about my motor but the braking and leaning into the opposite side off the motor is just not a good idea in the city. Wheels slips if I am braking really hard and I have to put pressure on one wheel when accelerating. Considering that I got such expensive components and for the use of it its just better in my opninion.
My current specs/settings are 75A motor brake and accelerating and 45A for the batteries because the Vesc is limited to around 50A right? My batteries can support up to 100A total. That results in a total Wattage of 3330W (peak) on one motor :slight_smile: and a constant wattage of 1998W (continuous). A bit too much for a single motor right? So my question is. If i upgrade to dual 6374 my total peak wattage will be 4440W ( limited by my batteries) and a continuous wattage of 4440W. But becuase i have got dual motors will it feel so much diffirent? Currently I cant really go full throttle (about 75%) because of the counter leaning and when cornering I shouldnt accelerate too hard because that causes wheel spin. Will i have a significantly better braking distence and better acceleration in turns and on straights with dual motors? I guess I do but my concern is that I will be kinda disappointed.

A lot of questions and a lot off text sorry for that. English is my 2nd language but I tried to write is as understandable as possible. I hope these questions dont come over as I want to be smart or something. I would just like some confirmation and other perspectives on this and maybe some experience. Shout out to you who read this entire piece of text and my thought process. :slight_smile:. If you are giving your persepective on it or your advice feel free to use real world examples or calculations (studying mechanical engineering so I find this topic really interesting). Greetings from a Dutch Esk8`er who would like a dutch group ride.

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Dual motors are better in every respect. You will not be dissapointed. As someone who has to go through cobblestones as part of my commute I will tell you that you should not even think about 107s. Pneumatic tires are in another league when it comes to riding on less than perfect roads. Yes you will lose range, you will have to keep them inflated and may get flats but it is all worth it. I tried some evolve boards with AT wheels and the next day I ordered a set of @psychotiller sixshooters. Best esk8 related decision I ever made.

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Dual drive pneumatics if you have cobblestones! Theres a pretty active esk8 scene in Holland. I met up with @sayekim and @surfer and went for a ride along Scheveningen seafront. (and forced sayekim to buy dual 6374s…)


Thanks for the replies guys good to hear that duals motors are so good. If I buy the evolve AT kit do I need to adjust the trucks to the wheel pulleys?

I agree with everyone else, pneumatic wheels are your best choice, and with a second motor you will be having a lot of fun. Although the range might drop a little it will be a more enjoyable ride.

Also your English is near perfect, I wouldn’t have even notice it wasn’t your first language

Edit: if you use the evolve wheels and 218 trucks I don’t think any mods are needed but when fitting the wheel pulley you might need some more room and have to grind down a little bit of the hanger. I would also check out the 6 shooters as if I remember correctly they are quite cheap, yet still the best AT wheels, shipping could kill the deal though

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Ah, Cool. Thanks for the compliment :). I dont really mind range too much at the moment I have a range of about 40-45Km`s so if it drops to about 25Km thats fine with me. Should i Expect a perfect decrease of 50% or more like 60 to 65%? Or does depend on my riding style ( quick braking and accelerating).

Edit: Shipping would be fine because a dutch company sickboards has got them in stock for me :). Grinding the hanger is fine just not completly changing stuff. I am so excited that you guys say that these make such a big diffirence :smiley:. I will look the six shooters up on the forum and take them into consideration.

It depends on riding still, I would say maybe a 30-40% decrease. I would have a look at this thread it will give you and idea of similar consumption people are using

@pat.speed your english is better than my engrish!

I agree with everyone on this post, dual motors is a must and an absolute game changer. Braking performance will increase dramatically and when you accelerate you won’t feel that torque steer kind of feeling when accelerating.

I think that the dual motor will be the most exciting upgrade to you. It’s going to be night and day difference.

One thing with the bigger wheels is that you’ll also kill your acceleration and braking performance will suffer, but this will depend on how heavy and large you go with your next wheel choice. Depending on how large you decide to go on the radius, it will dramatically kill acceleration, so try to pick the lightest set.


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Haha that’s cos my first language is English, I think you meant to tag @epster.

I agree with you although your acceleration can be regained with the change of your gear ratio, this is the same for braking

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Ah thanks man, One of the main reasons i wanted the 6374s was because of that acceleration drop you get with the ATs and the braking good to hear that dual motors are so great. Defenitly going to buy those first now (will have to wait couple of weeks full of excitement haha). I will keep you guys all posted.

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