Upgrading Raptor 2 battery from 10s to 12s?

Has anyone upgraded the battery of the Raptor 2 from 10s to 12s yet successfully?

Or things might start blowing?

I’d only need to upgrade the BMS and battery

Well, focboxs run happily at 12s, the unity was tested at 14s and it worked (not a great idea), so id assume itd be just fine…? I’m sure there are people planning 12 and 13s builds with the r spec drive kit?

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You’d need to upgrade the bms, switch, lcd, battery/charger (12s3p)

Then you’d need to change the settings once the firmware/ run different firmware

Motors can handle it and so can the focboxes!


The switch would be fine

EDIT: Only on a 2.1, the switch for the raptor 2 is on the BMS.

and I think the LCD might even be able to be switched into a mode that supports 12s but I’m not sure, @Blasto do you have any idea on the LCD? Yeah Just lose a bit of that safety margin on over-voltage but should be fine.

My 2.1 already goes a bit over 30 mph with the 90mm, imagine 97mm with 12s… you’re looking at near 40 mph top speed. Scary stuff.

There isnt a button to switch modes on this LCD.

Nvm saw your edit.

I think the pads for the button might still be there… Haven’t fiddled here is the back of my old LCD from a raptor 2. Probably some way to do it but maybe more work than it’s worth.


I think you need to hold this button at power up to access the voltage inputs


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The button doesn’t exist on production Etrays

I’m sure it would work if you shorted the pads.

This thing is off an early raptor 2 so maybe they quit populating it, but yeah just shorting the pads with a bit of metal would do the trick… maybe plug it in to a lower voltage current limited power supply when you do it though. Don’t want to short your battery on accident and blow the thing up.


And how about the charger? I think is based on the kingpan design, should be good up to 12s or more, I have to test it!!

Do you mean opening the charger and changing the voltage and amp output?

Its prob possible but I wouldn’t do it. Charger is sealed shut. Let me know if you decide to open it take pictures lol