Upgrading/Replacing motor phase wires

I didnt see any post that refer to this but is this possible and if so how difficult? I got a set of those cheap chinese 6374s floating around and as we know the wires are thinner than the standard size sold from reputable vendors… So.im wondering about the task at hand…

Is it an easy removal of the can and then replace or is it more involved?


i always cut them outside the motor and solder silicone wire, you just need to strip the copper of the outer protection layer, otherwise the solderjoint will not hold very well or at all. First Time i used a dremel to scrape it off but last time i used sandpaper and just my hands, result was much better, since you can’t do that much dmg and slip of compared to a Dremel, also less heat so no melting ect, since these copper wires are thin. If you can dismantle the motor, you can already start inside the can and have a nice seamingless transition.

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So thats what it is!! I did this literally yesterday and was pulling my hair out to get the solder to stick. Ended up using some brazing flux on it and eventually got it done. Next time…

yes basicly when the protection layer is on, you have a dark copper shine, when it is off, you get a very bright, slightly dimm copper colour. First time i used dremel and actually made the wires fuse together through the heat, still worked but wasnt a nice finish. Second time i just used 100 grid sandpaper with my hand and took my time and grinded it off.

Had me going I can tell you. The flux actually went hard and when i broke it all off it must have taken the layer with it. Next time I’ll use your fix. Cheers

sadly i didnt take any pictures. if you want to make it super strong, you can take a thin wire and wrap it around the joint between the copper wires and the silicone wire. Since both wires have a different thickness, you cant just smash them together.

Lucky the phase wires on the hk motors are pretty thick already but really short so to get the can off you need to cut the connectors off so all I was doing was replacing those but I think in future I’ll join and extend so the phase swaps can be done in the enclosure and the connectors are nice and safe @accrobrandon sorry to jump on your thread with my problems lol @Benjamin899 thanks for the info