Upgrading to a VESC

So I’ve been using a cheap race car ESC for over a year and I want to upgrade, I’m in the process of getting a BMS and wanted to use a proper VESC with my new setup. Any recommendations? I can’t really tell the difference between the VESC’s, just need a reliable one that I can program and maybe have a port for a Bluetooth adapter like this one: https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/vesc-bluetooth-adapter Currently using two 3s 8000mAh batteries in series. Any help appreciated Thanks

Focbox is the one I would buy for dependability. Opinions vary on other versions of vesc.

You can backorder one here.


Or they are in stock right now here.


That’s a little higher than my current budget, are they worth it? I was hoping to spend 100$ max for a VESC. Any cheaper suggestions? if the 50 bucks make a big difference than I’ll buy it. Thanks for the response

If that’s your budget then maytech vescs are what you’re looking for. They work just as fine as all the others but they are less fault tolerant which means you have to handle them with care.

Otherwise just get a car esc or something.

To me they are worth it. Focbox’s have upgraded components Iike direct fets. However I don’t know enough about the differences to explain them properly. Hopefully someone else with more knowledge about the differences and what they mean for you will explain it.

There are many many people using the $100 vescs as well with no issues. Some say most people have issues on the bench when testing by pulling full throttle with no load and damaging them. All vesc act differently on the bench then they do on the ground under load. My opinion is just my personal preference. Hope that helps in some small way.

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The build quality of the focbox is very high overall. It’s got direct fets as stated above and the design is based on the discontinued vesc 5. The vesc from esk8.de is the same quality, if not higher.

I’ve got some maytech vescs for sale if you want some.

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I live in Israel, and shipping here costs more than the vesc lol, when I buy parts I try to look at some sites that have relatively cheap worldwide shipping, so sadly I can’t buy from you. Will look more into the maytech, thanks Another question, do you know if its possible to buy the raptor 2 board separately? or any other board that already has a prebuilt space for the electronics? I’m using a flimsy lunch box right now and it makes the board look way worse than it can be. Thanks

https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-skateboard-esc.html cheap and should not be to much shipping wise

Yeah hobbyking is good for shipping here, point is, is it worth the extra 70$ to get the focbox or not? I’ll be using the vesc for at least a year if not more, i wanna make sure it lasts Edit: and cool features are more than welcome

This could be an option.

Or just get an enclosure from @psychotiller or @bigben.

If that also doesn’t work you can make one yourself.

Looking for more of a cruizer than a longboard (snap back, shorter), I’ll try to find something in the forums that matches what I want. I’m looking for a new board either way so the enclosures won’t work, or maybe ill get a normal board and get one of those enclosures with it, need to think about it. One last question, I still don’t fully understand what other parts do I need to run a full discharge/charge BMS system. Sorry for so many questions you’ve just been so helpful I thought id try to figure some other stuff out. Thanks for all the help

Just the bms and charger, maybe a jst connector. Apart from that you should be able to just plug the bms into the battery and then plug in the charger. You might also need a charge port and power switch for your board if you don’t already have one

Will these do? https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/120amp-12s-power-switch https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/mountable-charging-adapter

and what kind of charger do i need? i already have this:

will it work? thanks

The first two will work fine, but that charger will only work for charging with a balance charger not a bms. If using a bms you need a charger that outputs the same voltage as your fully charged battery, for 10s- 42v charger, 12s- 50.4v charger and so on

And can I use a charger with more V than my pack in case I upgrade in the future? or does it have to be exact? because I have 6s right now and i might upgrade some time.

No, not that I know of as. For 6s you will need a 25.2v charger. These can be had for cheap from banggood if I remember right

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Alright, thank you for the help, one final question for real this time

Do you have a certain bms you can recommend? just need something that will get the job done and won’t fry after a month, been looking around for a while and can’t really decide on which one to get

Edit: this should do right?

Arbor Vugenhausen and Jet Spud are the first that come to mind.

@psychotiller can do custom enclosures. Not sure about @bigben though.

Balance wires, balance connectors, BMS, charge port & fuse/antispark. I highly recommend a coulomb meter to go with it.

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Supower & bestech make good bms’s. You can also find good one’s on aliexpress & banggood but you have to know what you’re looking for.

That one will do fine for 6s. you can hook it up directly to the battery but I would highly recommend you connect it to a bms for charging.

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Wow. thank you. The jet spud looks great for what I want, and it’s not that expensive either, might get that soon. Is a Coulomb meter just a voltage meter? or is there a difference? will one of those cheap ones work?

And about a bms, unlike the vesc I want the cheapest one that won’t fry after a month, don’t need any features or anything, just simpler charging. But why does this bms cost three euros while others cost a 100? From what I understand, its a 6s bms with more amps than my battery can charge at, and its dirt cheap.