Upgrading to a VESC

A coulomb meter can do much more than read voltage. The one you linked is too low specced, only 30v.

That bms can only discharge 15a. That’s why it’s so cheap. You can use it, but only for charging. More expensive bms’s have a higher discharge, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection etc.

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Oh lol my bad, I clicked the reply to the entire thread and not you. Anyway, how many amps do I want for a decent charge? I don’t know what to base my search on as i know nothing about it

Talking about something like this?

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Yes, now you’re talking. Are you planning to go lion or lipo? Sometimes it doesn’t show the reply idk why. You did reply to my comment and not the thread though.

Not sure what lion is but my batteries are lipo if that’s what you’re asking

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It did show as a reply in my notifications. As long as you click the right button everything will be fine. 5ah is a good start. Average consumption is 10Wh/km/mi.

You asked if im planning to go lion or lipo, can you explain just so i understand what were talking about? i thought it was a type of battery, mine are lipos

You’re right. They are two different types of battery chemistry. Lithium ion and lithium polymer.