Uploading over Bluetooth on 2.18

I’ve got two shiny new focboxes and hoping there is some kind of fix to upload setting over Bluetooth.

I fixed the Tb esc by upgrading the firmware but it blew up on the first ride.

I don’t want to upgrade the firmware on the focbox and void my warranty

Why would you want to upload settings over bluetooth instead of sing a computer with standard BLDC-tool?

I think that Jacob had an app for standard 2.18 i think but I am not sure what the name was :confused: I think it was on google play as BLDC tool but I am not sure.

EDIT: got it, it is VESC connect

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I’ve used the TCP bridge from the metr app to configure things over bluetooth even attempting a firmware upgrade over bluetooth (I wouldn’t recommend that last one). Still curious why? not sure I understand the worry about changing settings voiding a warranty, also it is different flashing new firmware vs updating settings and saving but don’t see why the mfg wouldn’t support firmware upgrades as well (ideally they would test and let users know which versions they support but only supporting what it was released with seems a bit goofy)

@Martinsp for changing settings without opening the enclosure up. ie - If I let a mate jump on the board I will dial down motor and battery max.

Enertion void warranty if you upgrade firmware…

Aha I see, to change them on the go. I thought you have new focboxes and do it. What if you uploaded the firmware back to stock if you happen to have a DRV error or something other than a broken MCU? :smiley: I mean it is lying but at the same time restricting customers to use only one firmware is not ideal, even though I understand the reasoning behind their decision.

lol I do not want to risk anything with these things. After being stung on TB vescs I am not going take any risks!

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Wise choice :smiley:

well, there is always the ackmaniac firmware which lets you change settings/profiles using his app. thats how i run my board