Urban Beast | Longboard / MTB Hybrid | 10s4p Li-Ion | Single Tacon 160 | Chain Drive | Ongoing Build Log

Hello Guys, Here I will document my next build, including the construction of a Li-Ion pack (with 18650 sleds). I really liked the smoothness and versatility of the 8in pneumatics on my e-mtb, but I also like a deck with concave. Most mountain boards seem to focus on camber and pop, but I just want a comfortable (fairly) long-range commuter. This build aims to embody that.

Here’s what I’ve decided on so far: Tacon 160 VESC or TB 12s ESC 1:5.5 reduction and #25 chain 8in pneumatics 10s4p LG HE4 pack longboard deck (maybe custom) channel trucks (they look extremely badass and I’m not too fond of tkp mountainboard “skate” trucks) custom motor mount

Here are some renderings of the custom deck and wedges that I’d like to have made (please let me know if you can help with this, I don’t have access to any cool tools besides a soldering iron, a wrench, and a drill)


@Paragon That looks awesome! Do you have an enclosure design in mind or are you designing something that is universal mount?

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I’ll probably design a thin aluminum and cf enclosure for the bottom of the deck or buy an abs one from @psychotiller

Ebay also has some aluminum project boxes that look pretty good (and so do the prices).

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Nice looking project :slight_smile: I have been working on something similar

The problem with this configuration is that the motors will hit the base when trying to turn, it will be good if you try to model the truck with the base and motor mount and check for clearance.


For the motor mount I designed this

It works with the MBS Matrix Pro II truck. I have a couple extra Mount if you are interested.


Thanks for the info! How is the ride with those wedges? Is it still solid and precise? I’ll be using a pintail deck I have (until it breaks, then I’ll use the custom one above if I can find someone who can make it), and I’ll be mounting the motor inwards, in this manner:

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The ride is really good. With the mount on the pic. You can put the motors in any configuration you want.

Do you happen to have anymore of those truck mounts?

yes i have 6 more, they came out at $85 + shipping each.

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Wow that’s crazy, so $85 plus shipping each and (I’m guessing) an MOQ. Next time you need some things made, pm me; I know a guy.

this deck looks sick… you designed that? NICE!

Yup. Thanks man. Hopefully I can find someone who can make it for a reasonable price.

its going to be expensive :slight_smile:

Just received my HE4 cells from GearBest. All have the same internal resistance and weight. All forty cells are at 3.61-3.62v. I’m pretty sure they are genuine. Now I’m just waiting on battery sleds.

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Can’t wait to see how those sleds work out!

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Sneak peak at my foam core design (another potential deck option). This is the bottom of it. The enclosure and 35 degree wedges are built in :slight_smile: I’m still deciding on a concave though; probably tub or “w”


That looks awesome!! Great job! What type of foam are you going to use for the core?

the deck looks sick. can’t wait for the completed board.

Contrary to popular belief, this build is still going on (slowly but surely). Here are the soldered 18650 sleds for my 10s4p li-ion pack. 4 gauge single strand copper wire is a bitch (I’m learning French) to solder, and takes forever to cool. I used a bunch of household objects to hold everything in place, and I kept a bowl of water on the side (to cool the copper after the solder solidifies).

Please note that this picture is still missing 2 balance wires and the battery terminals.


Well, the forum won’t let me update the first post so here’s an update: After lots of limitations and unforeseen issues, I had to revise the plan.

Final Specs: 2016 Jet Potato 29in deck

Maytech rebranded FVT 12s 120a esc with the nice aluminum heatsink/enclosure (it comes in red so I may strip the anodizing to match my deck)

custom abs enclosure made by Psychotiller

Tacon 160 245kv

12v switch

BEC that outputs 12v

12v loud buzzer (this will be used as a horn; it’s a lot bigger than the piezo buzzers used on multirotors)

Turnigy receiver controlled switch

USB port (for charging things)

“Hoverboard” 10s charger and charging port

Channel (spring) trucks

Ground Industries MAK tires with Terraintula carbon fiber and aluminum hubs

Bestech D205 10s BMS

40x LG HE4 cells

20x Dual 18650 holders

Capacity meter (the one most people are using)

80T sprocket

10T sprocket

25 Size chain

Custom CNCed 35 degree wedges and motor mount

This build must and WILL be completed this week

Here is where I’m at (10s4p battery pack with the BMS, USB charger, switches, charge port, and capacity display fully functional):

It’ll still be an urban beast, but with a 29in deck, Mini Monster may be a more appropriate name.