URBAN BURRO | Trampa Carver 14ply | Mini Vertigo trucks | 10s4p VTC5 with BMS | Dual sensored 6355 APS 130kv | Esk8 Controller 1.1 | Idea Motor Mounts 4.0 | Trampa Underboard Tray | 7” pneumatics and 125mm Gummies on Superstar hubs

Oh lord, I started this hybrid build in february 2017 and finally finished it yesterday night 16 months later. During building I’ve swapped motors, motor mounts, pulleys, tires and enclosure without using it a single day.

Here some pics of the finished board, more details about building will follow soon, took a lot pictures. On Gummies the gearing is 15T/44T and for 7” tires 15T/60T. Swappable within a few minutes. The estimated range should be about 40km with Gummies and 20km with pneumatics. Top speed is about 35-38km/h and with Gummies the total weight is 11.4kg. This build is for commuting in the city.

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My impression after my first test ride is very positive, it’s smooth but also a beast. I had a constant big grin in my face until one motor pulley came loose after 10km. I was afraid that 6355 motors won’t give me enough power but the 130kv have nice torque at least with the Gummies.

It’s quite carvy with springs in inner position (with yellow dampas) but scary at speed. Since I have the E-Toxx elastomere dampers on my MTB I need this for the urban burro, too. The rebound is smoother and not springy. I need to pimp my ride

@Nowind when are they back in stock?

I have every Trampa spare part at home except 3/8" nuts. Unfortunately 2 threads on the Mini Vertigo hangers are not perfect and damaged 2 nuts, no way to find them locally so I had to fix it that way for now :crazy_face:



Super sexy looking build! Looking forward to see more pictures and details. Did you “slice” the underboard tray in order for it to flex?

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Damn bro you playing with fire… :smiley: Nylon doesn’t even touch threads :smiley:


@rich Next level shit bro. Real nice clean build. Hope you get the finer details sorted out and get to enjoy the ride. Might have to ditch the belts and just go with helicals…

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Sexy beast :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait to hear how it commutes in daily live in Vienna :smiley:


Really nice build, with two sets of hubs it’s really easy to swap wheels, I made the mistake of getting just a set of hubs, so will be a bit of work to swap between pneumatics and Gummies

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Thanks dude! This was my goal :blush:

Yes 6 slices. I’ll upload pictures and more details within the next days. For now you can watch this:


Hehe I know but after 16 months of building I can’t wait for spare nuts and prefer to play with fire :laughing:. The threads inside 2 nuts are damaged, gonna order some today.

Thanks bro! Looking forward to have my second ride tomorrow and do more testing. I need a reliable sexy commuter.

I’m afraid this could happen next year :rofl:

I’ll switch to helicals on my MTB to get a feeling for it first. Also I don’t know yet if I prefer Gummies or pneumatics or both. It’s easy to change the gearing with belt setup, with gears you would have to change motors if you want the same “feel” for both kind of wheels.

Also there is no gear drive for Mini Vertigo Trucks and as commuter for the city I prefer it compact. Let’s see.

Not much to hear it’s quite silent :rofl:

Thanks, I think it’s not a mistake if you don’t swap too often. But if you do so then a second set of hubs would be much nicer.

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Had my second ride today for about 2 hours including shopping test :grin:



All motor screws came loose and both motors slided down leading to funny skipping, need to switch from flathead to sockethead screws and use Loctite. Describing the Gummies is not easy, they feel like longboard wheels but also not :laughing: They handle curbs like a king which is great but they are too small for chestnuts, the board sent me flying but nothing happened.

I have some serious problems with the new Maytech remote. There are areas where it disconnects all the time and areas where it stays disconnected. I found out that the connectiion is safe below my knees so I can ride but it looks like I’m mentally ill. In most areas there are no connection problems no matter how far I hold the remote away, strange. Disconnections are very dangerous especially during accelerating or braking. Also on my first ride I had some disconnections during accelerating and braking but just randomly at some spots and not like today in whole areas.

About safety, this is my gear for this board


I like the hillbilly half finger wristguards/gloves, cheap knee pads for now.


Hah this is a good one… made be laugh for sure :smiley:

Anyways… nice board u got there (finally after all this time, right)… i’ve always liked how the gummies look and the street’ish / race’ish look they give to the board.

Interesting remark about gummies feel similar to longboard wheels… I guess hard to compare unless u have ridden them for a while and compare their comfort level to pneumies

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Thanks mate! 16 months sounds sick but I had many throwbacks and did a lot of things twice. First I wanted to thermoform an segmented ABS enclosure. It took a lot of time for the mold, vacum table and so on. After many fails I gave up and ordered the Trampa tray. Also I’ve built Version 1 and 2 of my MTB within this time.

Not similar but very similar but also different, haha maybe I find the right words after more rides. You feel and hear every single crack on concrete or tiny stones like with longboard wheels but you can roll over bigger cracks and stones. They feel more comfy than smaller wheels but absolutely not comparable with pneumatics where you don’t feel cracks or anything. But the gummies can deal with grass and hard packed dirt without problems.

You made my day with that, on the weekends the only way for me to go the center of the city is through some trails since the only road besides the motorway is inside a campus that’s closed saturday and sunday

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Well that’s poor city planning.

Totally agree, there is another way, but the road is way worse than the trail and it’s not a good place to be with a board that cost a lot


As long as it’s not too soft or wavy it works well because of the diameter of the gummies.

Unfortunately it’s raining the next days but after that I want to shoot a video showing the gummies rolling over different terrains. Maybe also with 7" tires if I solve the wobbling hubs/pulleys problem soon.

I’m collecting pics of the building process and writing text right now so probably tomorrow I can post some more details about this build :sunglasses:

I just recognized that I’ve lost 5 screws (of 14) which hold the trampa tray and have some loose ones. Damn I thought the rubber o-rings prevent the screws from unscrewing but I guess it doesn’t work upside down. I have to use Loctite, lesson learned. For now I use washers and bigger o-rings but I have to find some proper rubber washers instead.

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Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve just finished with all my electronics in my enclosure and have attached it to my deck - without LocTite. Time for me to go back and put a little ‘red stuff’ on those threads I guess…

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I hope you mean the color of the bottle and not “red” Loctite, it’s not a good place to use a blow torch later :laughing:

Blue Loctite (243) is king :rofl:

EDIT: or any with tools removable medium strength thread locker BUT NOT medium strength thread locker from Hobbyking. It’s dirty cheap but like red Loctite and I needed a blow torch to be able to unscrew M8 and M4 grub screws… very bad memory.

Yeah, I was thinking of red LocTite, but you bring up a very valid point. I need to be able to remove the enclosure so the blue one will be a better choice. As for the red bottle, it’s morning here now, so I’ll just stick with my coffee.

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Same thing in my first ride lol, 5 screws lost to the streets, and that was with thread locker

It’s also important to clean the screws first since most of time they have a layer of oil

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Here it’s after midnight but I’m also drinking coffee right now

Did you use thread locker on your gear box and motor screws?

That’s also why my motor pulley came loose on my first ride. I had problems with the thread of this pulley and used Brunox turbospray (oil based) to fix the problem. It worked but I didn’t degrease it properly afterwards. Last time I took alcohol, brake cleaner plus a special degreaser like usually, it holds now.

Alcohol works great, when I get new fasteners I leave them for half an hour in it and wipe after

For the pulley, you can put in the stove and all oil will burn away, I do this a lot in my mountain bike to clean the brake disc

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