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Thanks for your replies :grin:

Now after one week I feel better and can move my arm again (like 50%), it’s not good but nothing broken. So I wanted to order a new front truck to be able to ride again in 1-2 weeks. I did some further inspections and discovered that I broke the un-breakable deck WTF! I thought my depression is over but it starts again :weary:




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I thought on the decks are a @trampa unbreakable guarantee :thinking: no? :sweat_smile:


Yeah I wrote Ted an e-mail today and waiting for reply but I’m not sure if the lifetime guarantee is on manufacture faults only or also for cases like mine. I hope so because ordering front truck plus deck is a lot of money :pray:

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Good luck! Would be a nice thing from Ted to help you come back on the road again

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Well, they do advertise it to be un breakable and it is not like you ran your car over it to test this statement out, you were riding it.

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Hi @rich , running a 10Kg board at speed into an obstacle is hardly a case of warranty. We warrant that under normal use conditions the deck will not brake. E-Boards have plenty of mass, and hitting a rail, bringing the heavy board to a full stop within a fraction of a second, will ultimately cause damages. Im pretty sure that any other deck would have been in two parts. That’s a proper crash you had! The amount of energy involved is very high. Drive your car against a wall at 20Km/h… It would be a lot shorter.

However, we don’t want our customers to stand in the rain, so please contact Ted to find a solution for you. I hope you will feel better very soon! Take your time to cure the wounds. Heads up!



Meanwhile I got a really nice reply from Ted. I know that this was a hard impact and also he told me that he has never seen something like this before but he is willing to send me a new deck for free to get me back on the road :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really appreciate it! So I’m ordering a new truck and some spare parts right now. Lucky me!


Is it possible to drill new hole closer on the broken board and put skate trucks under it? Maybe the shape is not ideal for that though.

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Dude, that should have been a no brainer. You were one of the people that led me to purchase a Trampa board and I am sure that I am not alone - the amount of sales they would have generated because of people like you would easily carry the cost of a replacement deck. The work you have done, particularly in this thread should be fully supported by people like @trampa. I’m glad they have acknowledged this by providing a replacement for you.


Haha @Tamatoa I also thought about that but it would need cut outs against wheel bites. Maybe one day…

Thanks bro, what a funny neverending chain. People and threads in this forum made me buying 2 Trampa boards and a DD (E-Toxx spur gears).

I found some pics of the evil rail I knocked



I have some video footage of testing my 18W light in darkness, gonna upload it within the next days. Also I should use it next time in skatepark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Just a suggestion, i don’t know the dimensions of those decks but you could maybe have loaded shape and use boosted style enclosure.

Anyways, first off, take your time to treat those wounds at our age we don’t heal as fast as we used to. :man_white_haired:

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Third replacement deck in 17 Years. All replacements happened due to accidents and were covered showing good will. @rene hat the same crash (but without someone standing on the board) when a friend accidentality pushed the trigger forward after plugging in the board. It hit a post at full speed, which was a good thing considering that it could also have been some(one)thing else. No worries, we try our best to support our customers in case of a miserable situation. The most important thing is your health! Glad that only the deck snapped.


@trampa Do Ted still have the same email. I can not get in touch with him. You guys sent the wrong parts, but after several emails, i stil got no answer

Sent you a PM

Strange feeling to disassemble the complete build after 20 days of riding


But this way I could take this pictures where you see how I routed the wires. Going through the baseplate is only possible with 14AWG wires and I also soldered the 4mm bullets afterwards. I used a big shrink tube as support in the middle and to secure the sharp edges of the holes.



Due to the crash 2-3 paralell groups shifted a bit but thanks to flexible wires and 2mm neoprene foam in between nothing happened. The glue ist flexible but I can’t move them back in position, the glue is just too strong. I have to think about how I could move it without damage or maybe I leave it like that, have to check it further :face_with_monocle:


New truck and deck is on the way :grin:


maybe with a heat gun on low temp you could get the glue a bit flexible again? but gess not so easy without to heat up the cells too…

The glue is very flexible and stays flexible, at least for the next 20 years :laughing:

It is also a bit shock absorbing for that reason and it’s strong. I can shake everything upside down. I also use this stuff for sealing the slices but don’t expect this as everlasting solution. With this glue you can glue metal on metal or glass on metal for example, some industry shit.


do you have a name from it?

I’ve never read about someone using this butyl stuff but I found it when I ordered neoprene foam and different rubbers. I thought I give it a try. It sticks strong and is mouldable, no acid, flammable at 400° C, removable, niiiiice! Available in different sizes ordered in germany:


It’s hard to explain this material that’s why I made some pics it looks like this.


Cut a small piece


then do whatever you wanna do :laughing: 125429h 125456h

After playing around stick it to a tiny bottle


and stick it to anything


it holds the 350gr can


or a beer! Cheers :beers:


OK now I want to know the limit of this glue, maybe a Trampa truck (about 0.8kg)?


Solid, let’s try 2.5kg :rofl:


For 1-2 seconds it was fine then it dropped, that was loud. You see it’s strong AF.

You remember this was just a small stripe. When you look at the picture of my previous post then you’ll know why I can’t move anything.


got it! Looks like the cheaper and stronger brother of sugru :sweat_smile: and thx for the link. probably gona pic one roll up when i´m visiting my parents in germany next time.

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