Urban DailyDriver | 35º HolyPro Carve Trampa | Mini Vertigo Trucks | APS 6374 130KV 3.2kW | FatBoy DirectDrive | FatBoy Solid Hubs | 12S | FatBoy ESC

Hi guys, after I started building another board (I know I have already addition for esk8 :D) For mechanical parts I will use:

35° HolyPro Carve Trampa Deck Mini Vertigo Truck Red FatBoy Solid Core Hub Wheels with 7" tires (Waiting for 125mm gummies and 6.5" tires from Trampa) FreeBoard S2 Bindings

For drivetrain parts:

2 x APS 6374S Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 130KV 3200W FatBoy DirectDrive (yet to decide which one I will use)

For electronic parts:

The planned battery is to have Turnigy Graphene 8 x 3S1P 5Ah 65C packs in 12S2P configuration with custom BMS the same I will be using on my Mountainboard.

Will be using my FatBoy ESC which I am currently making, but in the meantime dual FocBox’es in our Machined dual case with fins.

Today I have ordered all the mechanical parts.


All parts arrived today, the board looks bit funny compared to its bigger brother Mtb :smiley:

@trampa shop like always mixes up the orders (received red springs when ordered black ones but oh well…)

Motor hall sensor PCB will go under protective spray cover to make them a bit more all weathered.

Now waiting for a drill to arrive so I could drill holes for FreeBoared bindings, still have no idea how they work but will figure it out.

On this build, I will use our small 1:3 drivetrain, but it will require milling the hanger, as the faces are not flat at all. Also thanks to @trampa for removing truck hangers from the store so I will need to buy a whole new truck kit.

Also ordered a helmet (Yes, I know I need one a lot earlier :smiley: )


Also working, on the FatBoy ESC, should send the order for the PCB’s this Monday if everything is alright. Already spent some time on working on ESC firmware :slight_smile: Have some cool features, like e-brake and etc :stuck_out_tongue:


Forgot the pictures :smiley:


Today, I swapped my main board hangers (Full hangers) on this board so I could try riding it a bit. But the weather and winds stopped from going for any decent ride.

I mounted only springs without dampas on the outer side holes. It felt like I was riding my Evolve Carbon GT with AT and very loose trucks. A 90º turn was way easier than on full mountain board but it lacks a bit of stability on high speed 6384 was making me nervous as at higher speeds speed wobble was way too big compared to normal eMtb board.


Yesterday I gave it a decent test ride and realised that with a normal full-width hanger on the front and only springs its way too sensitive for my taste. I like to ride my board on streets and feel a bit comfortable not being fully stiff to not make any sudden moves so that board would stay forward.

I tried adding yellow dampas, but after a quick test, it felt the same as my eMtb without decent clamping force on the feet you can’t even turn on low speed.

At first, I thought maybe drill holes for the innerspring position on the regular full-width hanger, but then I switched back to mini-trucks with innerspring position and yellow dampas and gave it a ride.

The first reaction was amazing like this setup is perfect, I could do 180º turn on 2 cars width street without a problem but rear trucks without dampas felt kinda bit sketchy at high speeds so I am thinking of putting yellow dampas in. If it causes some unturnability I think when I get 1:3 drive box with mini hanger I will put the springs in inner position too. So that should solve a problem.

8" wheels on this board are bit overkill :smiley: Also APS 6384 motors with running 80A/motor is a bit overkill for this board going at 40km/h pushing more throttle boards front starts to lift off from the ground not a nice feeling :smiley:

A quick tip for everyone who suffers trying to put in the springs with dampas using these cheap plastic clamps:

Put some kind of metal bar on the deck clamp it and then use another clamp bit further from the center to clamp the hanger to it, it helped me a lot.


Today, I received my FatBoy 1:3 Drive Train for Trampa mini trucks, Focbox case and other bits. Finally had first official test ride :slight_smile:


Love your builds ! Does the 130kv motor have more torque than the 170kv one ?

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I dont really felt much difference, as the gears I used in 170kv motor is 5:1 and on this 130kv is 3:1 so kinda equalises the torque

First ride clip its way more silent compared to big board plus the I haven’t yet put gear cover as my motor axles are bit too long.

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Went for the longer ride, and in the middle of the street one of the FocBoxes died came back home on single motor, after small diagnose DRV was intact just CANBus IC died and shorted 3.3V rail, so simple hot air swap and 2 min later it works :slight_smile:

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Another thing I see I need some kind of foot limits because now I am just put my back leg next to the case which is not really good. Front too because if too near front my top of the foot will rub against wheel (I have big foot 47 size)

Selling this build if anyone interested



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Is this with the mini trucks or the full mtb ones? Was wondering if 6384 motors fit on the mini trucks

Mini trucks, 6384 won’t fit

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You used 6374s for the mini trucks yeah? Sucks that 6384s won’t fit bc I can get them for cheap here in china…

Cheap motors in my head are like worst sound I heard in my life…

Yeah, I’m sourcing straight from the factory that makes some great esk8 motors so I don’t pay a lot of margin. I think they’re the same ones that sceppter was selling awhile back

They are average motors btw, they have shaft issues

Sk3 is probably better

Doesn’t have to be the best, they’re 45 usd a pop from the factory with custom kv and hall sensors