Urgent help needed please!

Yeah that’s what I’ve done. So much easier. It was £50 GBP in the end so in the grand scheme of things it’s a cheap price to pay to have it replaced

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They did the same for me when I fried 2. Good customer service. FYI I had one also show exactly what yours is doing with the 3 red blinks and it was indeed the drv that was fried.

Fingers crossed nothing else is fried then. Can’t imagine anything will be. I’m going to do some better water tightening to prevent water based damage aswell. Just incase and all!

How would a DRV chip fry?

Mine was a catastrophic battery short that the bms took the brunt of but fried the drv on the vesc.
@b264 is the resident expert on all things water resisting / proofing. I’m sure if you ask him nicely he will point you in the right direction of some great products.

I’m getting the Hummie deck and enclosure so I’ll be doing a complete redesign with better waterproofing in mind.

Any suggestions on waterproofing would be greatly appreciated though!