(US) Bestech - 12S LIPO BMS (HCX-D223V1) + 12S (2A) single plug charger (extra)

Ordered this, then thought it was faulty after wiring it up and it not charging. Ordered a new one before thinking twice about it and the problem was a bad connection on my charging port. I am located in VA, so there will be additional cost of shipping charge depending on where it’s going.

https://buildkitboards.com/products/bestech-bms?variant=7201537785886 for the datasheet, make sure it’s the 12S 50.4V LiPo document

The BMS has actually never been used for a whole charge or discharge cycle. Rated at 80A Continuous Current, has the following dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 25mm


It has two wires for the e-switch (loop key or push button), solder pads for B- (main batt minus), C- (charger minus), and P- (discharge (riding) minus lead), and finally 12 balance wires for whatever 12S lipo configuration you use. The BMS is listed for $40 alone, or $55 if you get the charger mentioned below.

You also have the option of purchasing the corresponding 12s (2A) charger (collections/battery-chargers/products/12s-2a-battery-charger) for an extra $15 in combo with the BMS, or $20 alone.


In summary: 12s LIPO BMS - $40 (alone) 12s LiPo charger $20 (alone) Combo 12S LiPo BMS + Charger $55 Plug shipping (tbd)

I will also throw in the corresponding panel mount power connector you can plug the charger into for free.

Hi, I am interesting in purchase your bms, Could you let me know if yet is available, thanks.

Hey men , do you have still this item.

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Hello, Could you see my message with my shipping information?

Interested sent a message