[US-CA] VERY LIGHTLY USED Parts For Sale (Motor, VESC, LiPo batteries )

Selling because I built a custom board but didn’t really end up using it. Motor and VESC are from TorqueBoards, batteries are from HobbyKing.

Prices (not including shipping):

Motor info:

  • Official retail price is $90. Motor has barely been used, and is in perfect working condition as far as I can tell. It has some minor aesthetic blemishes from being tightened onto the motor mount (see photo). The motor comes with a 3x3 keyway key, which is necessary for attaching the motor pulley.

VESC info:

  • Official retail price is $85. Barely used, and in perfect working condition. No aesthetic blemishes, however part of the heat-resistant wrapping has been cut through to access the receiver pins (necessary for using the ESC).

Batteries info:

  • Purchased from Hobbyking a few years back. A pair of 5200 mAh, 4S, 10C discharge LiPo batteries. Definitely more optimized for long-range than speed. Used very minimally, although I’m not sure they were kept at storage voltage for the entire duration of the time I wasn’t using them. I will not ship these, so if you live in the Bay Area we can arrange a place and you can check the voltages and/or test them.

If you are in the SF Bay Area I can arrange to meet you somewhere nearby and we can skip the shipping.

IMG_20200821_165105 IMG_20200821_165113 IMG_20200821_165209 IMG_20200821_170150

Edit: Forgot to add photos.

I’m in modesto about an hour away I’ll buy your goodies. I’ve had some questions maybe when we hook up I can ask you how to build a board to go 35-40. 2093247015

If @Jslayer changes his mind, I’m interested in the motor for sure. Feel free to shoot me a message, or just tag me on this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, no longer able to sell the parts, sorry about this if you were interested!