(US) Carvon V3 Direct Drive

This Carvon V3 set was my daily driver for a while and was amazing for me. This set will flat out scoot and can take any Abec wheels to allow for swapping. I generally just used 97MM Abecs and that was a great setup.

Make me an offer. Thanks for looking.CarvonV3 CarvonV3back

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A lot of the active members have moved to forum. in the last couple of days. I suggest you post there to get more views.


Thank you sir. will do

wait…why are they moving? Anything wrong with esk8.builders?

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Not sure how i always miss those posts. Thanks.


are they still for sale

Wowwwww i can believe this finally happened, i been on and off from this enertion owned forum and you couldn’t be more right about it, whats this new forum? Got a link?

Links are getting censored .on this site and @b264 has long been banned. Any regulars should be able to hook you up via PM if you don’t see this before it gets removed.

F O R U M . E S K 8 . N E W S

Now do i get banned for this? i don’t even know anymore.


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